Twitter Has Gone Great

A year ago, Elon Musk announced he was buying Twitter. Six months ago, he was forced to go through with it.

Soon afterwards, a group of us decided to create a timeline of the inevitable disaster that would ensue.

We kept it going for nearly 300 entries, but real life intervened while the chaos never slowed.

Deluded billionaire Elon Musk continues to spew stupid ideas that exhausted engineers are forced to rush through half baked, the company moves inexorably closer to bankruptcy, white supremacists increasingly dominate everyone's feeds, the few remaining lawyers cave instantly to authoritarians, the platform’s reliability plummets ever downwards... and we need a break.

So while Twitter slowly sinks into quicksand of its own making, we’re sunsetting this site.

We aren't affiliated with the Twitter account @bestofdyingtwit, and we don't know its creator, but it seems to be a pretty good place to follow what happens next in this slow-motion reboot of the Titanic.

Thanks to so many of you for your anonymous submissions, which helped keep us on top of the relentless flow of bad and stupid news. Thanks again to Molly White for the core code of this site and letting us use the name.

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    NPR and PBS leave Twitter

    After Musk attached a “government-funded” label to their accounts, the non-profit media corporations National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) have left Twitter. “PBS stopped tweeting from our account when we learned of the change and we have no plans to resume at this time,” a PBS spokesperson said. “We are not putting our journalism on platforms that have demonstrated an interest in undermining our credibility and the public’s understanding of our editorial independence,” NPR said in a statement.

      Twitter blocks replies, likes, and retweets that link to Substack
      Ars Technica reports that Twitter is blocking users from liking, replying to, or retweeting any tweet containing a link to

      Substack is a newsletter startup, and it announced two days ago that it would be creating its own Twitter-like platform.

      Twitter also seems to have blocked Substack users from embedding tweets in their newsletters and from using Twitter to sign into the service.

      Substack have apparently received no information about the restrictions, and all requests to learn more have been ignored.

      Elon Musk says maybe NPR isn't 'state-affiliated' after all
      NPR reports that Elon Musk may be backtracking on the decision to label the National Public Radio's Twitter account as 'state-affiliated'. This incorrect designation could endanger NPR reporters around the world.

      His revisiting of this decision might be swayed by the fact that, since it received the label, NPR has refused to tweet from its account to its 8.8 million followers. The news organization's Twitter bio now reads "You can find us every other place you read the news."

      Twitter inaccurately labels NPR as "state-affiliated"
      While Twitter has stopped limiting the reach of Chinese and Russian propaganda, it has also labeled the account of National Public Radio as being "state-affiliated media," according to NPR's own website.

      When asked about the label, Elon Musk tweeted "Seems accurate".

      According to NPR's publicly listed finances, less than 1% of its revenue comes from government sources.

      The Committee to Protect Journalists said that "Twitter's listing could pose risks for journalists reporting from areas where suggestions of government affiliation have negative connotations."

      This is in contrast to Voice of America, an actual American state-owned news network whose account has been verified by Twitter but does not carry the "state-affiliated" label.

      Former Twitter Blue users can't get rid of their blue check marks
      NBC News reports that Twitter Blue users who cancel their accounts still have verified blue check marks next to their names.

      One user told NBC News, “It’s just so embarrassing that people think I’m still paying for it.”
      The Twitter Blue users described being frustrated with their continued verification, saying they’re subjected to dayslong reviews when they want to change either their profile picture or their display name. Despite still being verified, they no longer have access to an edit button or long-form tweets, which are perks of the subscription.

      Twitter no longer restricts the reach of Russian and Chinese state propaganda
      Semafor reports that "Twitter is no longer taking steps to limit the reach of Chinese and Russian state-controlled media outlets, violating the social media platform’s own stated policies."

      Twitter's main HQ sign now reads "Titter"
      Mediaite reports that Twitter has apparently covered the W in its sign, so it now reads "Titter".

      Fewer than 1% of Twitter users are subscribed to Twitter Blue
      Bloomberg reports that 2.6 million people visited the Twitter Blue sales page in March, but only 116,000 people signed up.

      This means that fewer than 1% of monthly Twitter users are currently subscribed to the service.

      Twitter changes logo to Doge in response to Elon Musk lawsuit
      Reuters reports that Elon Musk is currently being accused in court of running a pyramid scheme to support the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

      In response, he changed the logo of Twitter on April 3rd to that of the coin, a suggestion originally made to him in March 2022, several months before he bought Twitter.

      In response, the value of the coin jumped sharply.

      Twitter blurs lines between Twitter Blue subscribers and Verified accounts
      Twitter has changed the wording on its explanation of the Verified blue check. It now reads, "This account is verified because it's subscribed to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account."

      This means that Twitter Blue subscribers who choose to impersonate someone will be impossible to tell from a genuine verified account.

      Elon Musk removes NYT's verified mark for not paying him money
      Several media organizations, including The New York Times, Politico, and the Los Angeles Times, stated that they would not be paying for Twitter verification.

      Twitter verification costs $1,000 per month plus $50 per employee.

      The top 10,000 companies on Twitter (of which the New York Times is one) will apparently receive verification for free.

      However, when Elon Musk was told about the New York Times announcing it would not pay, he not only ordered the removal of its verification mark, but also declared that the newspaper was being "incredible hypocritical" for charging for subscriptions for the newspaper yet not giving Twitter any money.

      The removal of Twitter verification badges is a manual process that is prone to breaking
      The Washington Post reports that the removal of unpaid Twitter verification badges, which were given to 420,000 people and companies, is a "manual process powered by a system [that is] prone to breaking."

      “It was all held together with duct tape,” said a former employee.

      Twitter took money from employee paychecks, hasn't donated it to charity as promised
      Platformer reporter Zoë Schiffer tweeted that "Twitter hasn’t paid thousands of dollars in charitable donations that employees made in 2022, around the time of the acquisition. The money was taken out of employee paychecks but never reached the organizations."

      Twitter's advertising revenue drops heavily following Elon Musk's takeover
      Bloomberg reports that the top ten advertisers on Twitter spent $7.6 million on the platform in the past two months - a decline of 89% on the previous two months before Elon Musk bought the platform.

      Elon Musk tried and failed to meet with the FTC Chair during an open investigation
      The New York Times reports that Elon Musk tried to meet personally with the head of the Federal Trade Commission, as the agency continues its investigation into the platform's privacy and data practices.

      The Twitter CEO was apparently unsuccessful.

      Twitter is failing to keep its EU commitments for researcher access

      Rebekah Tromble, Director of the Institute for Data, Democracy, and Politics, tweeted that Twitter was failing on its commitments to the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation, which could lead to enforcement action.

      The Code states that, among other things, large social media companies must give academic researchers data access to their platforms. Failure to comply could lead to prosecution under the Digital Services Act.

      Twitter gives former employees incorrect tax information
      Business Insider reports that Twitter provided incorrect tax information to many of its former employees. "The company told them that the issue likely won't be corrected until after the IRS deadline to file taxes has passed."

      Climate change deniers see massive gains in Twitter followers
      Climate communications analyst Ketan Joshi reports that climate deniers have seen a huge growth in Twitter followers since Elon Musk bought the platform.
      Pro-climate accounts that gained followers only did so at a relatively low level, compared to the 1 to 2x growth in audience size for the deniers. Of the 26 pro-climate accounts, 13 gained no followers, or lost them. The maximum audience growth in the pro-climate list? Less than one 24th of the average audience growth for the deniers...

      A specific change to the algorithm to boost tweets ‘outside’ of one’s political sphere has resulted in far, far more eyeballs on right-wing content (in addition to being the core reason I get ferociously racist responses to innocuous things I post).

      Half of Twitter Blue subscribers have fewer than 1,000 followers
      Mashable reports that half of all Twitter Blue subscribers have fewer than 1000 followers.

      They also found that 17.6% of subscribers have fewer than 100 subscribers, with more than 2,000 subscribers having zero followers.

      Approximately 420,000 Twitter users had been verified by the platform in the past. Around 6,500 of them are currently paying for Twitter Blue.

      Twitter has a secret VIP list to privilege certain people's tweets
      Platformer reports that Twitter has a secret VIP list of people whose accounts are given increased visibility in people's feeds.

      Among those on the list as well as Elon Musk are conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, Twitter investor Marc Andreessen, conservative commentator Catturd2, left wing Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tesla community account @teslaownerssv, and controversial journalist Glenn Greenwald.

      This was revealed one day after Elon Musk tweeted at actor William Shatner to say that "there shouldn't be a different standard for celebrities" on his platform.

      Musk recently promised to open source Twitter's algorithm, so that everyone could understand how tweets are prioritized in the system. This secret list shows that there is an invisible Musk-shaped thumb on the scales.

      In November, Elon Musk announced Twitter Blue by tweeting "Twitter’s current lords & peasants system for who has or doesn’t have a blue checkmark is bullshit. Power to the people!"

      Twitter cuts back on content moderation yet again
      Platformer reports that "in an effort to save money, Twitter is scaling back its content moderation team even further."

      Parts of Twitter's source code were leaked online
      The New York Times reports that parts of Twitter’s source code were leaked onto GitHub apparently by a user with the name "FreeSpeechEnthusiast".

      It is unknown how big a security risk this could prove to be. A former employee is thought to be behind the move.

      Official Microsoft accounts were temporarily following a Neo-Nazi
      Several users reported that three of Microsoft’s official Twitter accounts – @windows, @microsoft, @azure) were unexpectedly following a neo-Nazi account, a fact we were able to verify before it was changed.

      It is unknown why or how this occurred.

      According to Elon Musk, Twitter's value is now less than half what he paid for it
      Elon Musk now values Twitter at $20 billion, based on staff compensation awards revealed by Zoë Schiffer of Platformer.

      Just five months have passed since he bought the company for $44 billion.

      Elon Musk says only individuals who pay will be allowed to vote or be recommended on the platform
      Elon Musk tweeted that only "verified" accounts – in other words, those that are paying for Twitter Blue, for organization-based verification, or are government entities – will be included in their For You algorithmic recommendations and be allowed to vote in Twitter polls, as a way to "address advanced AI bot swarms."

      Twitter Blue requires no identity verification and is available to anyone who pays $7.

      Twitter blocks accounts belonging to Indian journalists, politicians on government orders
      According to global technology news site Rest of World, Twitter has blocked 122 accounts in India because the government asked them to. These include the accounts of journalists, politicians, and a poet.

      This follows the takedown of a BBC documentary from Indian Twitter earlier this year.

      Twitter used to push back against government interference, and had initiated legal action against the Indian government in the past against such orders, but that seems to have changed since Musk, a self-proclaimed "free speech absolutist", took charge of the company.

      Twitter Blue has gone global, still brings in very little money
      TechCrunch reports that Twitter Blue has about 385,000 subscribers via iOS and Android, across all 20 global markets where it is now on sale.

      This would result in revenue of about $11 million a month.

      In the quarter before Elon Musk bought Twitter, its revenue was $1.2bn.

      Twitter is going to allow Twitter Blue subscribers to hide their subscriptions
      Alessandro Paluzzi, a Twitter user with a reputation for obtaining leaks from inside tech companies, shared a screenshot suggesting that Twitter is going to allow Twitter Blue subscribers to hide their blue checkmark. The blue check indicates that a user is a Twitter Blue subscriber.

      Selling access to blue checkmarks was one of Elon Musk's key "innovations" after taking over Twitter, however many people on the platform now mock those who pay for the service, whose few subscribers include members of the Taliban and people spreading Russian disinformation.

      Anti-semitic tweets on Twitter have "soared" since Elon Musk took over
      The Washington Post reports that the number of antisemitic tweets have more than doubled since Elon Musk took over the platform.

      Twitter Safety's account responded to say that they are reducing the reach of (while not necessarily removing) hate speech, and said that hate speech received fewer impressions than "non-toxic slur Tweets."

      The study they cited was based on English-language tweets only.

      Accounts spreading anti-American propaganda are paying for Twitter Blue
      The Associated Press reports that pro-Russian accounts have been paying for Twitter Blue to receive blue checks, then spreading misinformation and anti-American propaganda.
      Regularly spewing anti-US propaganda, the accounts show how easily authoritarian states and Americans willing to spread their propaganda can exploitsocial mediaplatforms like Twitter in an effort to steer domestic discourse.

      Twitter's cost cutting may lead to major legal action
      The Financial Times reports that Twitter's cost cutting is leaving them open to major lawsuits and regulatory scrutiny.

      A senior staffer, who was recently laid off, said in reference to existing contracts with landlords and vendors that "Elon would always say 'Let them sue', it was a constant refrain."
      Pablo Mendoza, a managing director at Dubai-based Vy Capital, which provided $700m to the $44bn takeover, has been working along with Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sunil Kantaria to assess what to do with existing vendors... When telling vendors that the company does not plan on paying them, Mendoza has often resorted to pleading with them that his job is on the line...

      Nevertheless, the intense cuts – and refusal to immediately pay multiple bills – has raised the spectre that Twitter will be hit with belated costs, legal challenges or regulatory scrutiny.

      "It's smoke and mirrors," one former senior staffer said. "[Musk] is doing all this deferring of eventual costs – so he can do the victory lap."

      Cost of Twitter ads has plummeted, bringing low-quality ads to the platform
      The Wall Street Journal reports that the quality of Twitter ads has fallen in recent months, as their cost has plummeted.
      The cost of Twitter ads has dropped by about 20% on a per-one-thousand-impressions basis in that time, said Bruce Cran, chief executive of marketing agency Global Performance Commerce...The total number of advertisers on Twitter dropped by more than 50% year-over-year in January and February, according to Pathmatics data.

      “Interest in Twitter has all but evaporated in recent months,” said Christopher Spong, supervisor of social media and communications at performance agency Collective Measures, referring to clients focused on driving results rather than awareness.

      Twitter now shows women how often their selfies are bookmarked
      Twitter is now showing users how many times a tweet has been bookmarked. This move has led several women on the platform to complain.

      Actress and comedian Meg Bitchell tweeted "Please @elonmusk, I don’t want to know how many people are jerking off to me"

      Twitter permanently bans 165-year-old newspaper without explanation
      The Des Moines Register reports that Twitter has permanently banned the account of the Globe Gazette, a 165-year-old newspaper from Iowa.

      According to the Gazette's news editor, there was no reason given for the suspension.

      Elon Musk restored the accounts of Mexican cartel members who now use Twitter to recruit and send threats
      NewsNation reports that Mexican cartel members have begun posting violent content and recruiting new members on Twitter since Elon Musk took over the platform.

      A report from the Alliance to Counter Crime Online states that well-established members of the Sinaloa Cartel, as well as those of emergent drug cartels, have been using the platform "to expand their public relations reach, glorify the narco lifestyle, send threats, and recruit new members."

      The report says that many of these figures, some of whom have tens of thousands of followers, had previously been banned from Twitter. Their accounts were restored, along with those of the Taliban and several far-right terrorists and white supremacists, as part of Elon Musk's amnesty of banned accounts.

      Twitter to charge academics $500K a year for limited data access
      Wired reports that Twitter is planning to charge researchers a minimum of $504,000 a year to access less data than they used to get for free.

      Potential academic customers have been sent details of the new pricing, which were sent on to Wired.
      The cheapest, Small Package, gives access to 50 million tweets for $42,000 a month. Higher tiers give researchers or businesses access to larger volumes of tweets—100 million and 200 million tweets respectively—and cost $125,000 and $210,000 a month. WIRED confirmed the figures with other existing free API users, who have received emails saying that the new pricing plans will take effect within months.

      “I don’t know if there’s an academic on the planet who could afford $42,000 a month for Twitter,” says Jeremy Blackburn, assistant professor at Binghamton University in New York and a member of the iDRAMA Lab, which analyzes hate speech on social media—including on Twitter.
      API access has previously been essential for researchers to track state-sponsored disinformation campaigns, as well as for monitoring trends, trolling, and abuse on the platform.

      Twitter asked managers for promotion candidates, then fired the managers and replaced them with those they recommended
      iNews reports that morale inside Twitter is reaching new lows.

      Managers were apparently instructed to provide lists of people who should be promoted, only for those managers to then be fired and replaced by the lower-paid people they'd recommended for promotion.
      “It’s a pressure cooker,” says one remaining staff member, speaking on condition of anonymity. “There are no guidelines. There’s no respect. There’s absolutely zero transparency. It’s awful.”

      Elon Musk insults a fired executive, casts doubt on his disability, then apologizes and offers to rehire him
      In a bizarre series of events that played out in public on the platform, a Twitter executive called Halle Þorleifsson asked Elon Musk if he'd been fired, because he'd lost access to Twitter's systems.

      The Twitter CEO responded by insulting him and mocking his muscular dystrophy, before later recanting and offering to rehire him.

      Þorleifsson, who was named Icelandic Person of the Year last year by several Icelandic media outlets, including the state broadcaster, joined Twitter after his design company was acquired by them in 2021.

      Ars Technica speculated that the terms under which he joined the company could mean that "the cost of firing Thorleifsson may be greater to Twitter than the cost of keeping him on," which might explain why Musk issued a rare public apology for "misunderstanding the situation."

      Elon Musk has two bodyguards who follow him around at Twitter
      The BBC reports that Elon Musk has two bodyguards who follow him everywhere in the office.

      According to an engineer inside the company, "Wherever [Musk] goes in the office, there are at least two bodyguards - very bulky, tall, Hollywood movie-[style] bodyguards. Even when [he goes] to the restroom."

      Twitter engineer tells BBC that everything is broken inside Twitter
      The BBC reports that Twitter internally is in disarray and unable to protect its users from trolls, abusers, and disinformation.

      Shortly after publication, Elon Musk refuted the claims of the journalist, who then received multiple death threats on the platform.

      The article quotes a current Twitter engineer saying that "For someone on the inside, it's like a building where all the pieces are on fire. When you look at it from the outside the façade looks fine, but I can see that nothing is working. All the plumbing is broken, all the faucets, everything."

      Twitter suffers yet another major outage, breaking links and images across all tweets
      Twitter had another major outage today that impacted all of its users – links didn't work, images didn't display, and its TweetDeck platform was broken. The outage lasted for about an hour.

      Platformer reports that this outage was connected to the project to shut down free access to Twitter's API, and build a new fee-based API for developers.
      [I]n a sign of just how deep Elon Musk’s cuts to the company have been, only one site reliability engineer has been staffed on the project, we’re told. On Monday, the engineer made a “bad configuration change” that “basically broke the Twitter API,” according to a current employee... with few knowledgeable workers on hand to restore service, it took Twitter all morning to fix the problem. “This is what happens when you fire 90 percent of the company,” another current employee says."
      In response, Elon Musk tweeted (in reply to investor Marc Andreessen, rather than as an announcement) that "A small API change had massive ramifications. The code stack is extremely brittle for no good reason. Will ultimately need a complete rewrite."

      Platformer reports that there have now been at least six major outages this year already.

      Twitter's December revenue was down 40% on the previous year
      The Wall Street Journal reports that Twitter has told its investors that year-over-year revenue and adjusted earnings for December were down 40% on the previous year.

      This followed a report from Reuters in January that showed that December advertising spend on Twitter had dropped by 71%.

      Twitter stops paying Amazon server bills, then Amazon threatens not to pay Twitter ad bills
      The Information reports that Twitter stopped paying its server bills for Amazon Web Services (AWS) – at least until Amazon threatened not to pay its Twitter ad bills, at which point Twitter resumed some of its payments. Apparently more than $70 million is still outstanding.

      Zoë Schiffer reported in December that Amazon had committed to spending $100 million a year on Twitter advertising.

      Twitter has repeatedly been refusing to pay debts owed to numerous creditors, including for its offices, software, SMS services, and travel expenses.

      Misinformation superspreaders on Twitter receive more engagement since Elon Musk's takeover
      The Poynter Institute reports that fact-checking organization Science Feedback has found increased engagement with misinformation accounts since Elon Musk took over the company.
      On average, the 490 superspreader accounts investigated in the study received 44% more interactions post-acquisition.

      Musk’s personal account (one of the most followed and engaged-with accounts on Twitter) was responsible for part of that traction increase, as Musk had repeatedly interacted with “four or five accounts that had gained the most influence” after the acquisition.

      Twitter continues to suffer outages around the world
      The New York Times reports that Twitter has suffered repeated outages since Elon Musk bought the company.

      "In February alone, Twitter experienced at least four widespread outages, compared with nine in all of 2022, according to NetBlocks, an organization that tracks internet outages," they reported.
      “It used to be that you’d see smaller things fail, but now Twitter is going down completely for certain regions of the world,” said Saagar Jha, a Twitter engineer who left in May. “When serious things break, the people who knew the systems aren’t there anymore.”

      Elon Musk backs cartoonist after racist rant
      Elon Musk has backed Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, after his work was dropped by hundreds of newspapers and book publishers following a racist rant on a podcast.

      In response to the move by major publishers including the Washington Post and Penguin Books, Musk tweeted that the US media is now "racist against whites & Asians."

      Twitter is being sued by multiple companies over unpaid bills
      CNBC reports that at least six companies are suing Twitter over unpaid bills.
      Nonpayment disputes like these are not common after a leveraged buyout, according to Boston College finance professor Edith Hotchkiss. She said in an email to CNBC that they are “more typical of companies that are within a very short window of filing for bankruptcy.”
      The article links to a website called Plain Site, which is tracking Twitter non-payment lawsuits across different jurisdictions.

      According to The Information, in addition to those named in the lawsuits, “Twitter hadn’t paid vendors that help the company send SMS messages to users outside of the US, threatening a shutoff of those services as soon as Saturday … Twitter uses SMS messages for functions including text message-based two-factor authentication.”

      Twitter has laid off "at least" 200 people – about 10% of its remaining workforce
      The New York Times reports that Twitter laid off "at least 200 people" over the weekend, roughly ten percent of its remaining workforce.

      Those let go included Esther Crawford, the engineering leader and Elon Musk booster who was photographed sleeping on the office floor soon after Musk bought the company. She tagged the image with the hashtag #SleepWhereYouWork.
      The cuts hit product managers, data scientists and engineers who worked on machine learning and site reliability, which helps keep Twitter’s various features online. The monetization infrastructure team, which maintains the services through which Twitter makes money, was reduced to fewer than eight people from 30, a person familiar with the matter said.
      Alex Heath, a reporter for The Verge, tweeted that he was "[h]earing Twitter has fewer than a dozen employees left working on consumer product and design. A real exercise in tearing a company down to the studs."

      It is now 98 days since Elon Musk said that the company was "done with layoffs."

      Twitter's Slack goes down after it stops paying the bill
      Platformer reports that Twitter told its staff that the company's Slack instance was down for "routine maintenance." In fact they hadn't paid their bills, and an employee had shut off access. Platformer speculated that this could be so that Elon Musk could see if the company could get by without it.

      Amid yet another outage, Twitter's performance continues to drop
      Platformer reports that Twitter's performance has significantly degraded over the previous few months.
      According to the company’s data, Twitter has seen increased latency — the time between taking an action like refreshing the timeline and seeing new tweets populate in your feed — during times when more people are using the service. Singlepane showed latency spikes during the halftime show of the Super Bowl, for example, and in the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Turkey.
      Many Twitter users in Asia today reported a major outage that lasted at least 20 minutes.

      Elon Musk has given Twitter engineers a week to rewrite their ads system
      The Verge's Command Line newsletter reports that Elon Musk "has given a directive internally to revamp how ads are targeted in Twitter’s main feed within a week" in order to make Twitter's ad system work more like Google.

      Twitter's former engineering manager for monetization Marcin Kadluczka, who was laid off last week, tweeted that he believed it could be done in two to three months – "not in a week though".

      Russian propagandists are buying Twitter Blue to appear legitimate
      The Washington Post reports that accounts spreading Kremlin propaganda are buying Twitter Blue to get verified blue check marks next to their accounts.

      This was published a day after the BBC accidentally quoted a parody account with a blue check mark in a news report.

      Australian official says Twitter has no local staff to handle child abuse material
      According to the Australian news site Crikey, the acting chief operating officer for the office of the eSafety commissioner told a parliamentary committee that "Twitter has no Australian staff who can respond to reports of child sexual abuse material."

      Twitter removes important security feature for non-paying users
      Twitter users were told this week that that they will have to pay for Twitter Blue in order to continue using a previously free security feature that protects their accounts from hacking.

      Two-factor authentication (2FA) via text message (SMS) is an industry standard tool that improves account security. Elon Musk tweeted that the move is because "Twitter is getting scammed by phone companies for $60M/year of fake 2FA SMS messages", an accusation presented without evidence.

      In exchange for user safety, $60 million amounts to approximately 6% of the annual interest payments due on Twitter's debt.

      After instructing engineers to increase the visibility of his tweets, Elon Musk shows off how many impressions his tweets are getting
      Four days after Elon Musk made engineers boost the reach of his tweets, he proudly shared a screenshot showing how many impressions one his tweets received, calling it his "finest work."

      In the newsletter Garbage Day, labeled by Substack as a bestseller, Ryan Broderick wrote, "I know I made jokes about Elon Musk only buying Twitter because it made him feel popular, but I’m just now beginning to process the reality of it."

      Elon Musk says he's not planning to resign for at least several months
      Two months after Elon Musk promised to step down as head of Twitter following a Twitter poll, he told a summit that "probably towards the end of this year would be good timing to find someone else."

      CNN reports that he told the World Government Summit that he first needs to “stabilize the organization” and ensure “it’s financially in a healthy place.”

      CNN reported last week that Twitter's ad revenue had plummeted by 65% over the previous four months, as more than half of their top 1,000 advertisers were no longer buying ads on the platform.

      Afraid for their jobs, Twitter engineers artificially boost Elon Musk's tweets for everyone
      The Verge reported on Monday that "For many of us, Twitter’s 'For You' [the algorithmically generated menu of recommended tweets] is full of tweets and replies to tweets from Elon Musk."

      Platformer yesterday revealed that the reason was that "after Musk threatened to fire his remaining engineers, they built a system designed to ensure that Musk — and Musk alone — benefits from previously unheard-of promotion of his tweets to the entire user base."

      According to the report, this was the result of an emergency call at 2.36am for all Twitter engineers available to help with an issue of "high urgency" – the issue being that President Biden's tweet about the Super Bowl had received more impressions than Elon Musk's tweet in support of the Philadelphia Eagles.
      By Monday afternoon, “the problem” had been “fixed.” Twitter deployed code to automatically “greenlight” all of Musk’s tweets, meaning his tweets will bypass Twitter’s filters designed to show people the best content possible. The algorithm now artificially boosted Musk’s tweets by a factor of 1,000 – a constant score that ensured his tweets rank higher than anyone else’s in the feed...

      “He bought the company, made a point of showcasing what he believed was broken and manipulated under previous management, then turns around and manipulates the platform to force engagement on all users to hear only his voice,” said a current employee. “I think we’re past the point of believing that he actually wants what’s best for everyone here.”

      Twitter's ad revenue has shrunk 65% in three months
      CNN reports that more than half of Twitter's top 1,000 advertisers in September were no longer buying ads in January, according to data provided by the analysis firm Pathmatics by Sensor Tower.

      Those not currently advertising on the platform included "major brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Jeep, Wells Fargo and Merck."

      As a result of the pullback, monthly revenue from Twitter’s top 1,000 advertisers plummeted by more than 60% from October through January 25, from around $127 million to just over $48 million, according to the data...Even among the top advertisers that remain, many have dramatically reduced their ad spending on the platform, according to Pathmatics data. HBO, for example, was Twitter’s top advertiser in September, spending nearly $12 million on ads that month, but for the month of January (as of January 25), it spent just over $54,000.

      Elon Musk is asking Twitter users to please click on ads
      A reporter for Business Insider has noticed that Elon Musk has taken to pleading for users to like and support ads on the platform.

      According to a Media Matters report in November, at least 50% of Twitter's previous top 100 advertisers are no longer using the site.

      A series of popular accounts on Japanese Twitter were frozen without warning
      According to Unseen Japan, Twitter shuttered several popular Japanese accounts without warning, in an incident that became known as “freezing festival” (凍結祭り; touketsu matsuri). The cause was apparently the transfer of several key moderation tasks from humans to AI bots.

      Twitter rolls out new feature, Elon Musk immediately calls it "terrible"
      Soon after Twitter rolled out longer tweets for Twitter Blue subscribers, Elon Musk tweeted "The format is terrible."

      Twitter fails to respond to EU charter call, leaving it vulnerable to potential fines
      According to Politico, Twitter failed to submit a report to the European Commission to explain how they had implemented the EU's anti-disinformation charter. They were the only major tech company not to do so.
      The code is voluntary. But by complying, social media companies can ease some of their compliance obligations under the Digital Services Act (DSA) and avoid fines of up to 6 percent of their global revenues if they fall foul of the standards.

      Elon Musk fires engineer for saying he might not be as popular as before

      Platformer reports that Elon Musk fired a senior engineer in the middle of a meeting, after the engineer suggested that the data showed that public interest in Musk was waning.

      He called the meeting to demand an explanation about why View Counts on his own tweets weren't higher.
      Dissatisfied with engineers’ work so far, Musk has instructed employees to track how many times each of his tweets are recommended, according to one current worker.

      It has now been seven weeks since Twitter added public view counts for every tweet... Almost two months later, though, view counts have had the opposite effect, emphasizing how little engagement most posts get relative to their audience size.
      The piece goes on to highlight how low morale is currently at Twitter HQ. “When you’re asked a question, you run it through your head and say ‘what is the least fireable response I can have to this right now?’” one employee explained."

      Essential Twitter functions went down for more than an hour, for unknown reasons
      Essential functions were down for many Twitter users on Wednesday, according to The Verge.

      Among the issues were errors when trying to post tweets, use DMs, read notifications, follow accounts, and anything related to Twitter's tool Tweetdeck.

      After about ninety minutes, most services seemed to have been restored. Fortune reported that Twitter's own engineers weren't sure what had happened.

      Among the outages, was a message to many users that “You are over the daily limit for sending tweets.” Platformer reported that "an employee had inadvertently deleted data for an internal service that sets rate limits for using Twitter. The team that worked on that service left the company in November."

      Elon Musk then sent an email to all staff asking for a pause in shipping new code until after the Super Bowl on Sunday.

      Twitter's former GM says Twitter has thoughtlessly abandoned a $400 million business line
      Twitter's former General Manager Chris Moody tweeted that Twitter had abandoned their enterprise API business, which brought in $360 million in profits, in return for charging "a few dollars to developers who have no money. Sound trade."

      Popular third-party tool is abandoned due to Twitter's attitude to developers
      Damien Erambert, the lead developer of popular tool Better Tweetdeck, is abandoning his work on the tool, saying, "As of February 2023, it is clear Twitter's new management doesn't give a shit about 3rd party developers so I am NOT going to invest any energy about building on top of Twitter's platform anymore."

      Twitter Blue has very few subscribers
      The Information reports that Twitter Blue, the high-profile product that Elon Musk is currently banking on to reduce Twitter's reliance on advertising, has just 180,000 U.S. subscribers.

      This number is apparently 62% of the total subscriber base, meaning that the program has captured 0.2% of its active user base, and generates approximately $2 million revenue per month.

      Twitter's average monthly revenue in 2021 was $421 million.

      Twitter has to label conference rooms with beds as "sleeping areas"
      Business Insider reports that San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection has ordered Twitter to label rooms with beds as "sleeping areas" or to restore them to their original use.

      This follows reports that the converted conference rooms might constitute a building code violation.

      Verification will apparently cost organizations $1,000 per month
      The Verge reports that Twitter is apparently planning on charging businesses, charities, and other organizations $1,000 per month to be verified on Twitter.

      Afiiliate accounts to the organizations will cost an extra $50/month per account

      It's unclear if organizations that don't pay will be left to the mercy of impersonators and scammers, as occured with the original rollout of Twitter Blue.

      More key senior engineers leave Twitter
      The Information reports that three more "key engineering leaders" have left Twitter, including the head of product engineering on Twitter's app.

      The Information previously reported that a further exodus was expected this week after some employees' stock awards, arranged under the previous management, were due to vest on February 1st.

      Elon Musk has yet to announce any details of a promised stock awards scheme under his ownership.

      All employees have to write a list for Elon of everything they did in January
      Two and a half months after Elon Musk told Twitter employees that the company was "done with layoffs", Zoë Schiffer reports that
      "Elon Musk sent an email to Twitter employees telling them to write a one pager on what they accomplished in January, what they plan to accomplish in February, and "any ideas you have for improving Twitter." Twitter has also implemented another change freeze."
      In the past, change freezes occurred around layoffs, out of a fear that those who were let go would abuse their access to add malicious code to the platform.

      Twitter announces shutdown of free API, making it less friendly to developers
      Twitter announced yesterday evening via its Developer Relations account that it is cutting off free access to its API on February 9th.

      "A paid basic tier will be available instead," they tweeted. There are so far no details on the cost or contents of the new API, though Elon Musk tweeted “Just ~$100/month for API access with ID verification will clean things up greatly.”

      According to The Verge, "The news potentially affects a lot of Twitter services, and one of them is bots — not the spammer armies that new owner Elon Musk claims he’s been purging but the myriad automated accounts posting cute animals, fictional character quotes, and accessibility aids through Twitter’s API... Dedicated coders might still get around Twitter’s API to post automated tweets, and malicious spammers almost certainly will. But for everyone else, Twitter’s decision discourages playing with the service."

      Twitter's Trust & Safety team now makes decisions based on Elon Musk's whims
      Bloomberg reports that several essential processes and checks on power at Twitter have been removed by Elon Musk's new Head of Trust and Safety Emma Irwin.

      The piece describes the dissolution of a group that previously provided a check on executive overreach, also confirms that the account run by antifascist activist Chad Loder, which was banned from the platform in November, was suspended by the CEO himself.

      "In Twitter’s internal system, a note read, 'Suspension: direct request from Elon Musk,' according to a screenshot viewed by Bloomberg."

      The article also quotes a former Twitter executive saying
      “Twitter’s policies and practices in the trust and safety space were built around defending the rights of users around the world, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized communities... Since the acquisition, the company’s only actions have been to silence critics of Elon, to expose journalists and others to harm, and to violate basic ethical standards and privacy laws.”

      Twitter blocks links in India to a BBC documentary
      According to The Intercept, Twitter has censored links to a BBC documentary for Twitter users in India. The documentary focuses on the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the deaths of more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, in riots that occurred in 2002.

      Elon Musk previously described himself as a "free speech absolutist", saying that he would only follow government censorship orders "at gunpoint."

      When Musk was asked about the move on Twitter, he responded, "First I’ve heard. It is not possible for me to fix every aspect of Twitter worldwide overnight, while still running Tesla and SpaceX, among other things."

      Five hours later, links to the documentary on Twitter are reportedly still blocked in India.

      Ad spending on Twitter dropped 71% in December
      Reuters reports that ad spending on Twitter dropped by 71% in December.
      According to the SMI data, ad spending on Twitter in November fell 55% from last year despite these months traditionally being a time of higher ad spending as brands promote their products during the holiday season.

      Yet more far-right extremists return to Twitter
      White supremacist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes has had his account restored by Twitter. Also restored was the account of far-right Hindu activist Kajal Ben Shingala, aka Kajal Hindusthani.

      These are among the latest of more than 30,000 banned accounts that have been restored since Musk took over the platform, including several prominent figures on the extreme right.

      UPDATE: After inevitably re-stating praise for Adolf Hitler, Fuentes was banned again.

      Twitter now being sued over rent in San Francisco, Seattle, London
      According to the BBC, Twitter is being sued again over unpaid rent – this time by a property company owned by King Charles III.

      Twitter is already being sued over unpaid rent over a San Francisco office it gained through an acquisition and its main Seattle office.

      In related news, the San Francisco Chroncile reported today that Twitter had also failed to pay almost $6.8 million in December and January rent for its main headquarters.
      The landlord said it drew from most of Twitter’s letter of credit security deposit of $3.6 million to satisfy the December rent payment, but Twitter still owes $3.1 million in unpaid rent from January.

      Twitter retroactively changes the rules to explain its Tweetbot ban
      Engadget reports that, having already blocked API access for third-party apps such as Tweetbot a week ago, Twitter has just changed the Developer Agreement to retroactively declare that the apps broke the rules.

      This was after the platform had tweeted, without evidence, that the abrupt change was because "long-standing API rules" had been violated.

      The CEO of Tapbots, which created Tweetbot, sarcastically responded, "I didn’t realize long standing actually means a couple hours ago."

      Ad revenue is down 40%, Q4 revenue only 72% of target
      The Information reports that Siddharth Rao, a senior engineering manager of Twitter's ad business, delivered some bad financial news in a staff presentation yesterday.

      He apparently said that Twitter's daily revenue has fallen by 40% year on year, and that more than 500 of their top advertisers have paused their spending since Elon Musk took over the platform.

      This was followed up today with a presentation by Twitter ad executive Chris Riedy telling the company that "Twitter brought in $1.025 billion in revenue, which was just 72% of the company's internal goal for the quarter... Before Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, the company's revenue was 98% of its initial projections."

      Leading Taliban figures are buying Twitter blue ticks
      The BBC reports that "two Taliban officials and four prominent supporters in Afghanistan", including the head of the Taliban's department for "access to information", are using Twitter's paid-for verification feature to add blue ticks to their accounts.
      Muhammad Jalal, who previously identified as a Taliban official, praised the new owner of Twitter on Monday, declaring that Elon Musk was "making Twitter great again".

      Twitter's first $1.5bn interest payment could be due in two weeks
      The Financial Times reports that Twitter's first installment of $1.5 billion annual interest payments could be payable as soon as the end of January. The payments relate to the $13 billion of debt that Elon Musk used to fund his purchase of the platform.

      If Twitter were to default on its debt, it could declare bankruptcy, however the newspaper says that this probably won't happen.
      Bankers and experts observing the deal said Musk was unlikely to file for bankruptcy, which would risk him losing control of the business.

      Instead, his options include cutting a new deal with lenders, such as a debt-for-equity exchange at a discount to the debt’s face value, or finding alternative ways to fund its interest payments as he plays for time to turn around the business. “It is more likely [Musk] would ask Twitter’s creditors for a forbearance and try and work something out,” said one restructuring banker.

      Technology equity analyst Dan Ives at Wedbush Securities said that Twitter was worth closer to $15bn today than the $44bn Musk paid for it.

      Twitter revokes third-party API access without warning or explanation
      On Thursday evening, Twitter suspended without warning access to part of their API. The part that was suspended provided the data to power many of the most popular third-party clients used by Twitter users, including Tweetbot and Twitterific. Those apps no longer function.

      Nobody at Twitter has officially acknowledged the move, but The Information reported that the move was intentional.
      [A] senior software engineer wrote Thursday night that “Third-party app suspensions are intentional,” in an internal Twitter command center Slack channel, used by employees to handle outages and interruptions to Twitter’s services.
      Third-party apps generally do not bring in ad revenue for the platform. Three days later, no official announcement has been made about the sudden change.

      The reaction to this has been universally negative. The founder of Twitterific, Craig Hockenberry, wrote:
      "What bothers me about Twitterrific’s final day is that it was not dignified. There was no advance notice for its creators, customers just got a weird error, and no one is explaining what’s going on. We had no chance to thank customers who have been with us for over a decade. Instead, it’s just another scene in their ongoing shit show. But I guess that’s what you should expect from a shitty person."

      Twitter's ad business is dramatically lower than pre-Musk numbers
      The Information reports that Twitter's ad business continues to collapse.
      Clients of WPP-owned GroupM, the world’s largest ad-buying firm, have cut their spending on Twitter by between 40% and 50% since Elon Musk took control of the company in late October, according to people familiar with the matter...

      [A]d executives meeting with Twitter ad sales representatives were told they had to become comfortable with Musk’s unpredictability and uncertainty.

      All product changes at Twitter have to be signed off by Elon Musk
      Zoë Schiffer reports that Elon Musk has emailed Twitter employees to say that he is available for "urgent" product needs and that "all changes have to be signed off by him personally."

      The company's priorities are reportedly "urgent product decision matters, engineering progress, and legal, finance and HR."

      Musk apparently added in his email, “We are going to agonize until we achieve as close to the perfect product as possible.”

      Twitter employees kicked out of their office over unpaid rent
      Casey Newton reports that Twitter employees in Singapore were marched out of their offices by the building's landlord over non-payment of rent.

      Climate change misinformation on Twitter increased exponentially since Elon Musk became CEO
      USA Today reports that climate misinformation on Twitter has surged since Elon Musk took over the company.

      "Musk has openly encouraged attacks on mainstream science with his own posts, has brought back previously banned anti-science-promoting accounts and has altered the site algorithm in a way that greatly limits the reach of leading climate communicators," said Michael Mann, director of the Penn Center for Science, Sustainability & the Media at the University of Pennsylvania.
      Tweets using terms associated with climate denial such as “climate fraud,” “climate hoax” and “climate scam” more than tripled in 2022, up 300% from 2021, according to Advance Democracy, a research organization that studies misinformation.

      Laid-off staff in the UK are suing Twitter over "unlawful, unfair and completely unacceptable treatment”
      Nearly a quarter of UK-based staff who were laid off by Twitter are part of a lawsuit that accuses Twitter of carrying out “unlawful, unfair and completely unacceptable treatment” as part of a “sham redundancy process”, according to the Financial Times.
      Separately on Monday evening, Mike Clancy, general secretary for the UK trade union Prospect, wrote to Twitter raising the same concerns as Winckworth and urged the platform to “pause the redundancy process” and meet the union, according to a copy of the letter seen by the FT.

      Twitter suspends account of Washington DC's largest bus transit system
      Twitter suspended the account of Washington DC's largest bus transit system yesterday without explanation, according to the Washington Post. The account was restored several hours later.
      Metro officials said they weren’t told why the social media company suspended the account. Before the suspension, Metro officials said, the account had not posted anything other than standard content, which includes delay and detour updates, customer-service-related tips, and replies to customer complaints or concerns.

      Elon Musk restores account of 8chan operator and QAnon conspiracist Ron Watkins
      Twitter's restoration of banned accounts run by people associated with the far-right and conspiracy theorists continued with the return of Ron Watkins to the platform.

      Watkins plays a major role in the QAnon conspiracy theory, and is thought by many to be one of the authors of Q's posts.

      For many years, he ran 8kun, formerly known as 8chan – a message board frequented by white supremacists, child pornographers, and Neo Nazis.

      Twitter copies Reddit Awards in desperate attempt to stem the losses
      According to Jane Wong, a Twitter user with a history of revealing upcoming features on the platform, Twitter is preparing to launch "Awards" that can be purchased by users.

      The Awards appear to work in a very similar manner to Reddit Awards, and will cost users money to give out.

      Awards listed include "Bullseye" and "Hilarious", featuring two of Elon Musk's most used emojis. As with Reddit, the top award is Gold, which according to the leaked screenshot will cost 5000 times a "Mind Blown" award.

      In November, Elon Musk said that Twitter was losing $4 million a day.

      Twitter fired all content moderators in Brazil, helping spread misinformation and violence
      The Washington Post reports that Elon Musk had fired all of Twitter's content moderators prior to the violent attack on Brazil's government by supporters of defeated far-right former president Jair Bolsonaro.

      Among those fired in November were "eight people, based in São Paulo, who moderated content on the platform in order to catch posts that broke its rules against incitement to violence and misinformation."

      The article goes on to describe how misinformation on social media platforms helped incite Sunday's riots.

      Bolsonaro had described Musk's purchase of the platform as "a breath of hope", and his own meeting with the Twitter CEO as "the start of a relationship which I’m sure will soon end in marriage."

      Twitter's severance agreements finally arrived, many find the terms unacceptable
      Twitter's severance agreements were finally sent out to many of the workers laid off last year. However, the emails went to people's spam folders, leading to Twitter having to send an additional email confirming that the email was real.

      Once they found the email, many workers found the enclosed terms unacceptable.

      Lisa Bloom, the head of a legal firm suing Twitter on behalf of many of its laid-off workers, tweeted a thread outlining the agreement, saying "Every worker can decide what's best for them, but many are rejecting these obnoxious terms."

      Elon Musk restores the account of another far-right activist
      Twitter has restored the account of another far-right activist, insurrectionist, and conspiracy theorist. This one was banned not only from Twitter but also PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Facebook, and Instagram, following his role in helping organize the attack on the Capitol on January 6th 2021.

      More layoffs including in trust and safety
      Bloomberg reports that Twitter had laid off at least a dozen more people in their trust and safety team, further reducing an already threadbare team.

      A dozen more cuts were made in Twitter's Dublin and Singapore office, including head of site integrity for Twitter’s Asia-Pacific region and Twitter’s senior director of revenue policy.

      According to the article, "workers on teams handling the social network’s misinformation policy, global appeals and state media on the platform were also eliminated."

      Gen Flynn's Twitter account restored on second anniverary of January 6th attacks
      On the second anniversary of the January 6th insurrection, Elon Musk restored the Twitter account of Michael Flynn.

      The Associated Press reports that Flynn's account was suspended for dangerous misinformation two days after the murderous attack on the capitol, as he pressed President Trump to impose martial law following the election.

      In recent months, Flynn has been building a far-right movement centered around Christian nationalism.

      The historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat, who wrote the book Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present, has called Flynn "one of the most dangerous individuals in America today."

      Child sexual abuse material is easy to find on Twitter
      NBC News reports that child sex abuse material is easy to find on Twitter, 11 weeks after Elon Musk claimed that combating it was "Priority #1."

      Nearly a day after the article was published, and NBC had shared their findings with Twitter, the hashtags remained active on the platform.
      [A]t least dozens of accounts have continued to post hundreds of tweets in aggregate using terms, abbreviations and hashtags indicating the sale of what Twitter calls child sexual exploitation material, according to a count of just a single day’s tweets. The signs and signals are well known among experts and law enforcement agencies that work to stop the spread of such material.

      More extremists are welcomed back to Twitter
      This week saw the restoration of more Twitter accounts run by far-right and conspiracy figures, including David Icke, who runs an anti-Semitic cult that believes the earth is run an inter-dimensional race of reptilian beings.

      Twitter has yet to send severance packages to those laid off, likely in violation of state law
      Bloomberg reports that Twitter employees who were included in the initial round of layoffs haven't received their severance packages yet, bringing further potential legal issues.
      Musk laid off roughly 50% of Twitter’s more than 7,000 employees on Nov. 4, just a week after taking control of the company. Almost 1,000 of those who were terminated lived in California, according to documents filed with the state. Those workers were required under state and federal law to keep receiving regular paychecks over the past two months.

      But that 60-day period ended on Wednesday, the official termination date for California employees. Employees have still not heard any details about additional severance, or continuation of health coverage, known as COBRA, according to three laid-off workers.

      More layoffs including data scientists and engineers on Twitter's ad team
      The Information reports that Twitter has laid off around 40 data scientists and engineers who work on Twitter's advertising product – at least the third round of cuts in the past three weeks.

      Journalist is falsely verified by Twitter Blue as a US Senator – again
      Washington Post tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler tested the new Twitter Blue verification system by consensually impersonating Senator Ed Markey for the second time in three months.

      As before, Twitter allowed the account to be verified without any serious identity checks.

      Under Musk’s leadership, Twitter users face a greater risk of seeing something fake and thinking it is real. I don’t know if Twitter is going to die any time soon, but I’m spending less time on a service I can’t trust.

      Twitter user data leaked in one of the largest breaches ever recorded
      The Washington Post reports that the records of 235 million Twitter accounts, including their email addresses, have been posted to an online hacking forum. The hack probably took place in late 2021, and is one of the largest data breaches ever recorded.

      [This leak] poses threats of exposure, arrest or violence against people who used Twitter to criticize governments or powerful individuals, and it could open up others to extortion, security experts said.

      IVF user Elon Musk cuts fertility benefits for Twitter employees
      Zoë Schiffer reports that Twitter is cutting employee benefits including commuter benefits, family planning, and meal allowances.

      Insider reported on this with the headline "Elon Musk, a Father of 10 and IVF User, just cut a major fertility benefit for Twitter employees"

      Twitter suffers major outage in Australia and New Zealand
      Gizmodo reports that Twitter is suffering a major outage in Australia and New Zealand.

      This follows the global outage reported five days ago.

      The article's author Zachariah Kelly reported that "During the time of writing this article, I’ve been able to regain some access to Twitter’s features, however, this has been sporadic. Access to the inbox, notifications and search feature is limited at best and completely unusable at worst at the moment. It appears that the website is recovering, but I’m still getting lots of error messages."

      Twitter's acting head of HR has resigned
      Casey Newton reports that "Katie Marcotte, a 10-year Twitter employee and the company's head of human resources, just announced that she is leaving the company in a tweet on her private account."

      Twitter now willing to take money from political campaigns
      In the face of plummeting ad revenue, Twitter announced today via a tweet from its Safety account that it will be "relaxing our ads policy for cause-based ads in the US. We also plan to expand the political advertising we permit in the coming weeks."

      Twitter's previous rules (which are still on their website at the time of writing) state that they prohibited political ads because they believed that "political message reach should be earned, not bought."

      Awareness campaigns for causes were allowed but ads were prohibited if their primary goal was "driving political, judicial, legislative, or regulatory outcomes." They also did not allow targeted political or cause-related advertising.

      It is unclear how Twitter will respond to causes related to political hoaxes such as Pizzagate or QAnon. "We'll share more details as this work progresses," added the Twitter Safety account, cryptically.

      One of the final pre-Musk leaders at Twitter has resigned
      The indefatigable reporter Zoë Schiffer reports that one of the last leaders at Twitter not to be appointed by Elon Musk has resigned.

      Behnam Rezaei joined the platform 5 1/2 years ago, and was appointed head of product engineering in November.

      According to his LinkedIn profile, he ran "ML Infra, Backend Infra/Experimentation, Media Infra, Mobile Foundation" and oversaw the following products: "Monetization (Performance/Brand Advertising, None Ad Revenue/Products), Core Product (Feed, Search, Profile, Conversations, DM), Growth, Trust and Safety Engineering."

      Not all former tweeps are shedding a tear at his departure. Sasha Soloman, who was fired from Twitter after criticizing Elon Musk on the platform, responded to the news by writing "oh no the guy that lied to our faces in every all-hands meeting after the takeover."

      Twitter investor slashes value of their shares
      The investment corporation Fidelity has slashed the estimated value of its Twitter shares from $53.47 million in October 31st to $23.46 million on November 30th. This represents a 56% drop in just one month, reported Axios.

      Over the same period, the S&P 500, which tracks the stock performance of 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States, rose from 3,871.98 to 4,080.11.

      Twitter sued for unpaid rent in San Francisco
      Bloomberg reports that Twitter is now being sued for failing to pay rent on an office it runs in its San Francisco HQ.

      Columbia Reit, which owns the building that houses Twitter's main office one of Twitter's offices, filed a complaint in state court that they are currently owed $136,260.

      Correction: Our thanks to the reader who pointed out that the lawsuit is in fact from the landlord of 650 California St, the office of a company called CrossInstall, Inc that Twitter acquired in 2020.

      Twitter under investigation for major data breach
      The BBC reports that Twitter is under investigation by Ireland's Data Protection Commission (DPC) for a major hack of its user data.

      The leak, which a hacker claims occurred before Elon Musk took control of the company, apparently includes the private information of more than 400 million Twitter users, including various political leaders and celebrities.

      The alleged hacker is attempting to sell the data for $200,000, either to Twitter or to anyone else willing to pay.

      In November, the Irish DPC fined Facebook parent company Meta $276 million for a data breach of a similar scale.

      Twitter closes Seattle office following threats of eviction
      Twitter is closing its Seattle office, according to Platformer journalist Zoë Schiffer.

      This move follows reports that the company is facing eviction from its office in the city for unpaid rent.

      "Looking more like the company is going to just have offices in SF and NY," Schiffer added.

      Massive costcutting impacts Twitter's staff, reliability, safety
      The New York Times reports that Elon Musk's cost cutting has had major impacts both the reliability of Twitter, and the quality of life of those who work there.

      Having laid off or fired nearly 75 percent of the company, delayed or refused to pay legally binding agreements, and fired janitors, the newspaper reports that "bathrooms have grown dirty... and some workers have resorted to bringing their own rolls of toilet paper from home."

      A three-day orientation has been cut to 90 minutes, the system that helps Twitter prioritize illegal or abusive content went down, and there was a widespread service interruption.

      Nearly eight weeks after Elon Musk said that the company was "done with layoffs", more layoffs are expected in the new year.

      Twitter users around the world report major outage
      Four days after Elon Musk said that he had "disconnected one of the more sensitive server racks" and it emerged that it was downsizing or shutting down some of its data centers, Twitter suffered a partial outage.

      The outage affected users around the globe and lasted several hours. Features including notifications, the login page, and the mobile app were returning errors for many users.

      When someone tried to report this to Elon Musk on the platform, he responded "Works for me."

      Former Twitter senior engineer compares new regime to Squid Game
      Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun interviewed a highly regarded former Twitter engineer about his experience of Elon Musk's takeover.

      "I was excited that Elon Musk was coming", said the engineer who goes by the name Ihara in the article. The story was published in Japanese on December 7th, then translated into English today.

      Ihara had opted to stay with the company, but was laid off the day before Thanksgiving.

      "It was like a (Korean drama) ‘Squid Game’ where I didn’t know the rules.”
      “Which should come first, limiting functions to the minimum so that they can be run by fewer people, or having the existing system become dysfunctional? It’s not something that will break in a day or two. But you will see how things will work out in the coming months”

      Twitter removes life-saving feature then restores it following criticism
      Reuters reported yesterday that Twitter had removed a feature known as #ThereisHelp that promoted hotlines for suicide prevention, mental health support, organizations that fight child sexual exploitation and more.

      New head of Trust and Safety at Twitter, Ella Irwin, told the news agency that they had been removed because those at the platform "just want to make sure they are functioning properly and continue to be relevant."
      The sources with knowledge of Musk's decision to order the removal of the feature declined to be named because they feared retaliation. One of them said millions of people had encountered #ThereIsHelp messages.
      Despite Irwin claiming that it wouldn't return until next week, the feature was apparently restored today.

      In the original article, Irwin confirmed the feature had been removed. Today, Elon Musk lied about that having occurred.

      New details emerge about Emperor Musk and potential violations of the FTC consent decree
      The Washington Post today published a new report that shared more details about the chaos inside Twitter.
      He has been holed up in a 10th-floor conference area with a staging room for visitors — where they often remain for more than an hour before being called in. They are instructed not to speak until Musk does. And when they do finally meet with him, he’s sometimes watching YouTube videos.

      ...When one executive met with Musk and voiced concerns about the Federal Trade Commission’s consent decree, Musk assured that person there was nothing to worry about. He said Tesla had plenty of experience on privacy matters, and pointed to his deep knowledge and awareness of the constraints Twitter was under.

      Minutes after the meeting concluded, a subordinate of Musk emailed: Would the executive be willing to send over a copy of the consent decree they had just discussed?

      Twitter launches View Counts feature, already needs "major improvements"
      Twitter rolled out a feature that makes visible all view counts from tweets on the platform.

      "We built this super quickly. I did the iOS work in just 2 days" tweeted Twitter developer Leah Culver, before adding an apology for shipping the feature without translations due to lack of time/testing.

      Elon Musk then tweeted that the setting had to be removable and that the designs needed "several major UI improvements."

      Twitter is shutting down data centers, creating a single point of failure
      Zoë Schiffer tweeted that Twitter is "shutting down its data center in Sacramento and downsizing another in Atlanta by early Jan, likely as a cost saving measure. This means a huge amount of traffic will be shifted to its remaining data centers, which could result in increased instability."

      In response, one of Twitter's former site reliability engineers tweeted "0% chance Elon pulls off decommissioning both SMF and ATL by end of Q1. PDX doesn’t even have a hadoop cluster right now. It also means they have to break all their leases. It also means PDX will be a single point of failure. But what do I know, I’m just a guy who turned up PDX."

      Meanwhile, Elon Musk said that he had "disconnected one of the more sensitive server racks."

      Twitter polls can easily be manipulated by bots
      A group called Accountable Tech showed how easy it is to manipulate Twitter polls by buying 26,261 votes for $57.

      Their work, which confirmed earlier reporting by Rolling Stone, was verified and reported on by Bloomberg.

      Their executive director, Nicole Gill, told Bloomberg, "Not only are bots flourishing under Musk, it’s now easier than ever to use bots to manipulate Twitter polls… Twitter is unsafe and open to manipulation by bad actors — including foreign governments."

      Musk has so far used Twitter polls as a pretense to make decisions to return Donald Trump to the platform, to claim that the Amerian public are against the latest government spending bill, and to decide important product decisions by the safety team.

      More layoffs including half the Public Policy team
      With three days to go before Christmas, Twitter's layoffs show no sign of slowing. Several more people were reportedly laid off today including their head of real estate for the EMEA region and, according to one of those laid off, "half of the remaining Public Policy team."

      Among other tasks, this is the team that works to develop policies around online safety, child sexual abuse material, supports global activists, and works to ensure that the platform is in compliance with its various regulatory requirements.

      Elon talks code, insults anyone who highlights his lack of knowledge
      Following the resignation of hacker George Hotz from Twitter, Elon Musk appeared in a Twitter Space last night run by Hotz, where the CEO showed a profound lack of understanding about Twitter's codebase and technology.

      Musk said that "we'll have to do a total rewrite of the whole thing" in order to make it workable, adding "You could amend the crazy stack that exists or rewrite it."

      Developer Ian Brown, who worked at Twitter for more than eight years until October 2021, asked Musk, "What's so crazy about it versus every other large scale system on the planet?"

      "You're a jackass," replied Musk. He did not go into details about why the stack needed to be rewritten, moving on to demonstrate a lack of understanding about how ads work on the platform.

      Former Twitter VP of Product Jason Goldman tweeted "Listening to this Twitter Spaces where Elon is talking about the tech stack and it's clear that no one has been in a position to actually ask him a follow up question in years. He thinks he knows everything and simply will not abide someone contradicting that notion."

      Elon casts doubt on poll results saying he should step down, then says he will continue to run "the software and servers" under new leader
      In the end, 57.5% of votes in Elon Musk's highly unreliable Twitter poll were in favor of him stepping down as Head of Twitter. Rather than respond to the result, he initially joined discussions that cast doubt on the reliability of the poll.

      Recode reports that
      Rather than commenting on the results of the poll in the hours after it concluded, Musk took to Twitter on Monday morning and encouraged questions about whether the results were legitimate. He engaged in a Twitter thread by a user suggesting that a “deep state” bot army was rigging the poll against him. Musk replied to another user in the same thread who suggested that only paid subscribers to Twitter Blue should be able to vote in polls. He said, “Twitter will make that change.”
      CNBC reported that "Musk’s search for a new CEO has been ongoing and began before the Twitter poll was made."

      Two days after the poll, Musk tweeted that "I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job! After that, I will just run the software & servers teams."

      No timeline has been set for this change.

      Incident that Elon Musk said led to his banning @ElonJet and several journalists was not related to ElonJet or even him
      The Washington Post reported that the incident that Elon Musk claimed was caused by the now-banned @ElonJet account was not only not related to his private jet's movements, but also was centered around his ex-wife Grimes and not him.

      The article was co-written by the journalist Taylor Lorenz, who was temporarily banned from Twitter after she emailed Musk asking him if he had any comment for the piece.

      Elon Musk asks Twitter to decide if he should quit
      Fifty-three days after Elon Musk took over Twitter, he tweeted a new poll this evening: "Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll."

      One of his supporters tweeted that "he already has the new CEO picked out", to which Musk replied "No one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor."

      It is worth noting again that Twitter polls have been described by former Twitter employees as "bot-ridden bullshit."

      Twitter bans linking to other platforms, rule lasts less than a day
      Twitter today announced a bizarre policy banning all Twitter users from sharing links to a handful of other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Mastodon.

      "At both the Tweet level and the account level, we will remove any free promotion of prohibited 3rd-party social media platforms, such as linking out (i.e. using URLs) to any of the below platforms on Twitter, or providing your handle without a URL", stated the new policy.

      Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey responded to this by asking "Why?". He received no reply.

      The new rule led to many prominent accounts being suspended, including that of Paul Graham, the founder of Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator and a longtime defender of Elon Musk, who had responded to the new rule by tweeting "This is the last straw. I give up. You can find a link to my new Mastodon profile on my site."

      The policy, which almost certainly would violate the EU's Digital Markets Act that comes into force next year, was the latest in a series of changes made by the former "free speech champion" Elon Musk, who tweeted in April that "the extreme antibody reaction from those who fear free speech says it all."

      Within a few hours, Musk was tweeting at the CEO of cloud storage company Box, who had criticized the rule, asking "What do you think should be the policy?"

      Soon afterwards, the policy was rescinded and removed from Twitter's webpage. Musk tweeted that "Going forward, there will be a vote for major policy changes. My apologies. Won’t happen again."

      Accounts banned for violating this short-term policy seemed to have been restored, and the company account Twitter Safety soon after started running a poll asking if there should be a policy against the creation of accounts for advertising other platforms.

      As has been previously noted, polls on Twitter are, according to the former Head of Trust and Safety, "more prone to [bot] manipulation than almost anything else" on the platform.

      Yet more layoffs, a month after Elon Musk promised that "layoffs are over"
      Engadget reports that, a month after Elon Musk said that Twitter was "done with layoffs", more members of the infrastructure team were laid off.
      The scale of the layoffs is unclear, but some engineers took to Twitter yesterday to say they were told over email their contribution was no longer required. The latest cuts come after The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Musk had laid off Nelson Abramson, Twitter’s head of infrastructure, among a handful of other high-ranking employees at the company.

      More far-right figures return to Twitter
      Several more previously banned accounts run by far-right agitators, attempted coup perpetrators, and QAnon conspiracists have been reinstated by Twitter, including Mike "MyPillow" Lindell and Project Veritas's James O'Keefe.

      Elon Musk appears in Twitter Space with banned journalists, then pulls Spaces altogether
      Elon Musk appeared in a live audio Twitter Space with several journalists, some of whom had already been banned from the platform yet were still able to enter the Twitter Space.

      As the journalists pressed him on his decision to ban them, he abruptly left the Space, and soon afterwards the entire Spaces feature was pulled from the platform to fix "a Legacy bug"

      The Spaces feature returned the following day.

      Elon Musk announces new Twitter Blue feature that further empowers bad actors
      Elon Musk announced that mutes and blocks from Twitter Blue subscribers would be used “as downvotes” to influence the sitewide algorithm.

      If enacted, this would allow bad actors who pay for Twitter Blue to group together and downvote accounts that they don’t like, affecting everyone's ability to see tweets from those accounts. This is an activity known as “brigading”, and is banned from most social media platforms.

      Alex Stamos, former head of security at Facebook, described it as “The speedrun through "every trust and safety problem others have experienced over the last decade but that I don't know anything about" continues. Up next, adversarial reporting.”

      Two hours later, Musk tweeted a refinement to the policy saying that “all user actions” will factor into a model for account credibility, something he has never mentioned in the past.

      Elon Musk bans journalists from NYT, WaPo, Voice of America and others for reporting on ElonJet
      On Thursday evening, Twitter began "permanently suspending" journalists who wrote about the ElonJet scandal, falsely accusing them of sharing assassination coordinates" by revealing his live location information in the manner of ElonJet.

      There is no evidence that any of the journalists banned – who included employees of CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Intercept, Mashable, Business Insider, Voice of America and several freelance journalists – had done this.

      Protest messages were posted by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN as well as the German Foreign Office, the head of communications for the United Nations, and the French Minister of Industry.

      The Washington Post reported that new Head of Trust and Safety Ella Irwin had enacted the suspensions on Elon Musk's orders.

      The decision also drew fire from an unexpected source: Bari Weiss, who wrote two of the Twitter Files, criticized the decision, drawing fire from Musk, who later stopped following her account.

      The journalists received an email notification from Twitter that said that they were permanently suspended from the platform, but following the outcry, Elon Musk ran a poll, then another one asking when he should allow the journalists to return to Twitter.

      On both polls, the option labeled "Now" was the winner. Two days later, he tweeted "The people have spoken. Accounts who doxxed my location will have their suspension lifted now."

      Data suggests that Twitter Blue subscriptions are going very badly
      A software programmer called Travis Brown has been tracking 18 million Twitter accounts, prioritized by activity and number of connections, to estimate sign up figures for the new Twitter Blue service.

      As of Friday, the total number of sign ups was 2,215.

      "15 of the top 20 by follower count are porn. The top non-porn personal accounts are the UKIP Gamergate guy and a Bolsonaro supporter who recently got Elon Musk’s attention with claims of election fraud," he tweeted, adding later that "my guess is that the total number is more like 10-15k."

      15,000 subscriptions would bring about $120,000 in revenue.

      The Wall Street Journal estimates that Twitter's interest payments on its debts accrued as part of the acquisition total more than $1bn per year.

      Software supplier sues Twitter over unpaid bills
      Bloomberg reports that one of Twitter's software suppliers is suing the company for stopping paying invoices on a contract that runs until 2024. The damages are estimated at $8 million.

      This is just the latest in several lawsuits and accusations about unpaid bills since Elon Musk took charge of the company.

      Elon Musk seeks more investors in Twitter at the original price of $54.20
      Semafor reports that Elon Musk is seeking new investors in Twitter, offering shares at the original price of $54.20.

      On October 20th, Elon Musk said on a Tesla earnings call that he was "obviously overpaying" for the platform at that price.

      "Asking investors to pay full price for an asset whose value is rapidly collapsing is going to be a tough sell," wrote Liz Hoffman.

      Prominent public health school leaves Twitter
      The Boston School of Public Health has announced that it is leaving Twitter.

      In a statement on their website referring directly to tweets by Elon Musk, Dean Sandro Galea wrote "As an academic community, we are committed to a vision of inclusive debate and free and open inquiry. However, we do not in our community tolerate speech that is demeaning and non-rebuttable, dangerous, or factually false."

      Twitter has to tell fired workers about pending lawsuit
      According to Reuters, Twitter has to inform all laid-off workers of a pending class action lawsuit before sending them a severance agreement that waives their ability to sue the company.

      There are several pending lawsuits from workers fired by Twitter, including for failing to give the legal minimum notice and for gender discrimination.

      German court rules that Twitter has to remove hate speech or be fined €250K per case
      After a long trial, a German court has ruled that Twitter has to delete illegal hate speech and defamatory messages from the platform or face hefty fines. The case was brought in part by local group HateAid following the repeated abuse of a local commissioner in Baden-Württemberg on the platform.

      According to the news site Hessenschau, a regional court in Frankfurt ruled that if a false or defamatory tweet about someone breaks German law, has been shared more than ten times, and is reported to Twitter, the platform has to remove it within 24 hours and prevent it from being reposted, or face a fine of 250,000 euros per case.

      Following mass firings from their overseas offices and Twitter leadership's apparent focus on pending legal challenges in the United States, it's unclear if the company intends to appeal the decision.

      Elon Musk bans account he had promised to leave up, now says he is suing its creator
      Apparently following an unrelated situation involving his car, Elon Musk today suspended, then restored, then permanently re-suspended a series of Twitter accounts that he had promised last month to keep on the platform as evidence of his commitment to free speech.

      The accounts, including @ElonJet, had shared publicly available flight information since 2020; Musk also said that would take legal action against the college student who ran the accounts.

      The platform hastily changed its safety rules to accommodate the bans, adding new and vague rules around location sharing and "media." It now allows the sharing of some location information after "a reasonable time has elapsed", without giving any indication of what any of that means.

      These rules came into effect the day after it was reported that Twitter is considering forcing users to share their location with the platform.

      Ryan Mac of the New York Times tweeted that Musk is "changing Twitter's rules as he goes."

      Many Twitter users are confused about the new rules and how they are intended to be applied. So far, no clarifications have been forthcoming.

      Update: This evening, Elon Musk tweeted a short video of someone in a car who he says is a person who jumped on the hood of his car (he wasn't there). Musk shared film of the person without permission and also potentially doxxed him by sharing his license plate – both violations of the policy he just introduced.

      Elon Musk tweets that ads are too big, leading to an internal scramble to cut them in half
      Zoë Schiffer of Platformer reports that "Twitter is shrinking the size of its ads following a tweet from Elon Musk that said that “the ads are... way too big.”

      Sources told her that his tweet was pasted into the company Slack, leading to "quick changes" being made the following evening. Ads on Twitter are apparently now being cut in height by a half, and appearing only every six tweets, instead of allowing an algorithmic system to determine their frequency for each user.

      Twitter is considering forcing users to share their location and give advertisers their 2FA phone number
      Platformer reports that Twitter is considering requiring all users to share their location data with the platform, and then allow Twitter to share their data with advertisers, as well as any phone numbers that are used for two-factor authentication.

      They are also considering preventing all users from opting out of personalized ads.

      As Platformer points out, some of those on Twitter including human rights activists, dissidents, and journalists, not to mention other privacy-minded people, none of whom may trust Twitter with their locations nor choose to allow data brokers to purchase their private information.

      Ironically, Twitter wouldn't be allowed to offer an opt out from this heavy-handed surveillance for Twitter Blue subscribers on iPhones because of Apple's rules, which don't allow apps to force users to choose between payment and ad tracking.

      Twitter doesn't have access to many of its GitHub repositories
      According to Zoë Schiffer of Platformer, Twitter doesn't currently have admin access to some of its code repositories on the platform GitHub.

      GitHub is where some of the code is stored that powers the platform. Schiffer tweeted that "hundreds of former employees" still have access to the repositories, including the ability to change and delete code, causing a major security risk for the platform.

      Twitter isn't paying its bills, is gearing up for legal battles
      The New York Times reports that Elon Musk appears to be getting ready to face legal battles on multiple fronts over unpaid bills and severance payments.

      The article says that Twitter hasn't paid rent on any of its offices for several weeks, has outstanding unpaid travel bills, and is considering forgoing severance that it already promised to ex-employees, forcing them to sue to get their money.

      Musk has also fired several of the platform's legal team, leading to him bringing in lawyers from his other companies including half a dozen from SpaceX.

      Ukrainian phone numbers no longer work with Twitter
      Ukrainian state media reported that, as part of Twitter's sweeping and destructive attempt to remove spam, the security feature of two-factor authentication is no longer available in Ukraine.

      This means that no new Ukrainian accounts can be set up using a Ukrainian phone number, and existing ones no longer have two-factor protection against hackers.

      Update: People are reporting that Twitter fixed this last night.

      Norwegian government accounts marked by Twitter as Nigerian
      On the first day of Twitter's new verification symbols, the Norway Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that their country's official Twitter accounts were marked as Nigerian government organizations.

      Insider Intelligence predicts major drop off in Twitter users
      The research service Insider Intelligence predicts that Twitter will lose 3.9% of its users in 2023, and then another 5.1% in 2024, with a particularly extreme drop among under 25 year olds and users aged over 45.

      The author of the report, Jasmine Enberg, said "There won’t be one catastrophic event that ends Twitter. Instead, users will start to leave the platform next year as they grow frustrated with technical issues and the proliferation of hateful or other unsavory content. Twitter’s skeleton staff, working around the clock, won’t be able to counteract the platform’s infrastructure and content moderation problems."

      Twitter blocks 30 mobile carriers around the world then lies about it
      Yesterday, Elon Musk was celebrating the removal of "most" of the spam bots from Twitter.

      Platformer this evening reported that the rollout of this hastily fulfilled order had major unintended consequences, and reinforced the idea that Elon Musk's Twitter is above all US-centered.
      "Twitter blocked traffic from roughly 30 mobile carriers around the world, effectively cutting off access to hundreds of thousands of accounts, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region, including vast swaths of Russia, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia... [R]ather than work to remove individual offenders, the company identified mobile networks associated with large spam networks in specific countries, and blocked users who relied on those networks from receiving SMS messages from Twitter, impacting people with two-factor authentication. Then it blocked traffic from those carriers completely.

      From 5:35 AM to 6:45 AM PT on Sunday, Twitter shut down access to the primary telecom providers in India and Russia, as well as the second biggest telecom company in Indonesia.
      According to Platformer, it then lied to users about the cause of the disruption.

      Twitter abandons its global Trust & Safety Council
      Platformer reports that Twitter disbanded its Trust and Safety Council, less than an hour before it was due to have its first meeting since May.

      The council was founded in 2016 to advise the platform on key global safety issues including human rights, harassment, and suicide prevention. Three members publicly quit last week because "a Twitter ruled by diktat is not a place for us."

      Former council members received an unsigned email that said "we will continue to welcome your ideas going forward," according to Platformer.

      The internet archive holds a copy of the detailed description of the Council's role that used to reside on the Twitter website.

      "Nothing to see here," states the page today.

      Year-on-year activity on Twitter's ad manager platform fell by 85%
      The Wall Street Journal reports that activity on Twitter's ad manager platform, which hosts those who create or monitor ad campaigns, "declined nearly 74% in October from a year earlier, according to the firm’s data. In November, visits fell 85% on the same basis—the largest ad traffic decline since Twitter’s change of hands."

      Worryingly, even Twitter’s aggressive incentives might not be helping. Similarweb’s latest data show that for the first few days of December, the platform’s ad manager domain traffic trends have continued to decline with traffic volume now so low it doesn’t even meet the firm’s threshold necessary to track and measure it.

      Twitter exodus increases as Elon Musk's behavior gets worse
      Among those leaving Twitter following QElon's big weekend includes:

      Elon Musk spreads COVID conspiracy theory using anti-trans language, is booed at a comedy gig
      After the latest Twitter Files failed to get much attention, Elon Musk tweeted early on Sunday that "My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci", and promoted conspiracy theories around the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

      That evening, Musk was loudly booed when he appeared on stage at a Dave Chappelle concert, after which he tweeted that "The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters" then tweeting that it "must be done for the future of civilization".

      Elon Musk's team treats cleaning staff "like garbage" then fires them
      The BBC reports that Elon Musk's team mocked cleaners at Twitter's HQ who were sacked without severance pay.

      According to the article, one of the cleaners "was told by someone from Mr Musk's team that his job would be obsolete soon anyway because robots would eventually replace human cleaners."

      As The Twitter Files flop, Elon Musk endangers former Head of Trust & Safety through false accusations
      Over the weekend, parts three and four of The Twitter Files were released to an underwhelming response from much of the media and most Twitter users.

      The scandals hyped by Elon Musk before release have yet to materialize. Instead, this series has so far explained how the Twitter team struggled to deal with the unprecedented situation of a sitting president and his followers using their platform to undermine democratic rule, with little to no evidence of scandal or bias.

      Part three of the series was, like the first, written by Matt Taibbi, while part four was by Michael Shellenberger, author of the book "San Fran-sicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities". A fifth part, by Bari Weiss again, was published today.

      These threads, called "ridiculous" by Techdirt, mostly revealed how hard it is to draw clear lines around behavior, especially when dealing with multiple languages and complex situations. They also show how difficult it is to target misinformation or abuse through the kinds of automated tools that Elon Musk has said will be running the majority of moderation decisions in Twitter 2.0.

      However, the series has surfaced a new target for the far right: Yoel Roth, a former Head of Trust and Safety at Twitter.

      In the early days of the billionaire's takeover of the platform, Roth appeared at Elon Musk's side to reassure advertisers of the seriousness of the new operation, before resigning less than a week later.

      Bloomberg reports that Musk has suggested without evidence that Roth "is an advocate for child sexualization," using what the news service called "a baseless trope."

      Musk has previous form in this area. The article points out that in 2018, Musk "called a British caver who was involved in the rescue of a trapped Thai youth soccer team a 'pedo guy.' One of his aides paid $50,000 to hire a private investigator in a futile attempt to back up the assertion."

      According to CtrlAltRightDelete, a website that covers the rise of the far right in America,
      "Musk’s attacks immediately put Roth in harm’s way. Last night on, the current iteration of /r/the_donald, the top-rated comment on a thread about #TheTwitterFiles was, “we need to see people hang.” Scrolling through the site, I found multiple violent threats targeting Roth specifically."

      Many of the false accusations against Roth echo some of the worst lies at the center of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which frequently accuses people with left-wing views of being a pedophile.

      The events of the weekend led to The Atlantic today labeling Elon Musk "a far-right activist" and some Twitter users describing the Twitter CEO as "QElon."

      UPDATE: CNN reports that Roth has had to flee his home following death threats.

      Twitter opts out of key event to combat online child sexual abuse
      A New York Times journalist reports that, for the first time in the event's decade-long history, Twitter declined to attend the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's technology roundtable.

      This is apparently a regular event where platforms share tactics to combat child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on the internet.

      Elon Musk tweeted last month that the removal of child sexual abuse material is his "priority #1". So far, this looked like his firing most of the team combating this material overseas, slamming previous CEO Jack Dorsey without evidence for failing to take it seriously, falsely accusing the previous Head of Trust of Safety of sexualizing children, and now skipping one of the key meetings to combat online CSAM.

      ISIS has grown on Twitter since Elon Musk took control
      The Institute for Strategic Dialogue, an independent nonprofit that specializes in tracking global hate speech and terrorism, last month reported an increase in accounts on Twitter and hosted Twitter Spaces connected to Islamic State (ISIS) since Elon Musk took control of the platform.

      They wrote, "Following a series of missteps by Twitter leadership, the platform may seem as if it’s becoming just another example of an exploited, ungoverned space."

      Key members of Twitter's Trust & Safety Council resign
      Three prominent members of Twitter's Trust and Safety Council resigned yesterday, including one of its key experts on child sexual abuse, saying that "a Twitter ruled by diktat is not a place for us."

      The council has more than 70 members. It started in February 2016, and according to Slate, it "advised Twitter leadership on hefty issues like human rights, harassment, and suicide prevention."

      Since Musk took over the platform, Twitter has not reached out to the council, although the Twitter CEO did say once that he would create a content moderation council of his own, before quickly dropping the idea and blaming others for the decision.

      Elton John has left Twitter because of Elon Musk's changes
      The singer Elton John has left Twitter. He tweeted "I’ve decided to no longer use Twitter, given their recent change in policy which will allow misinformation to flourish unchecked."

      Elon Musk replied "I love your music. Hope you come back. Is there any misinformation in particular that you’re concerned about?"

      The singer did not respond.

      Musk then replied favorably to someone who wrote that the singer's post was probably written by a "newly minted marxist social media person w/brain damage."

      Commissioned by Elon Musk, Bari Weiss makes false claims about Twitter bias and practices
      Bari Weiss tweeted the second thread in the so-called Twitter Files, and followed Matt Taibbi's first installment by also claiming without evidence that the company was biased against people on the right, while misunderstanding how Twitter's moderation works.

      After being given access to Twitter's internal messages, the controversial Substacker columnist falsely accused Twitter of "shadowbanning" prominent accounts. A shadowban is when someone thinks they're posting publicly when in fact nobody can see their messages. This isn't something Twitter does or has ever done, and she found no evidence to suggest otherwise.

      What Twitter has been doing since May 2018 (and discussed publicly) is limit the reach of certain tweets and accounts based on their content. This is something that Elon Musk said on November 14th that his Twitter would also do.

      Bari Weiss falsely claimed yesterday that such actions were a hidden conspiracy that she had uncovered for the first time.

      Weiss, who worked on her thread with prominent anti-trans author Abigail Shrier, makes no reference to the fact that independent researchers found a year ago that Twitter's algorithm favors the political right more than the left.

      Instead, she included screenshots of a tool that was revealed in 2020, falsely claiming that it showed that a prominent right-wing account that has repeatedly harassed and endangered trans people was under negative "special scrutiny." In fact, the screenshot she shared demonstrated that moderators are not allowed to moderate, ban, or suspend the account without senior staff approval, giving it privileged status.

      Among many other factual errors in her thread, Weiss also claimed that a "secret group... without overview" was making key policy decisions, naming the CEO, the head of safety, the head of legal, and the head of technology as members of this group. As the most senior members of Twitter's leadership, it's unclear who else she felt should have been overseeing the company's actions.

      Meanwhile, Elon Musk continues to make unilateral decisions around moderation and safety, leading to an increase in racism and homophobic abuse on the platform.

      Yet another far-right activist's account is restored
      In the latest in a long line of far-right activists returned to the platform, Twitter restored the account of Laura Loomer, a failed congressional candidate who is close to white supremacist Nick Fuentes, has made many public Islamophobic statements, and once chained herself to Twitter HQ to try and get her account restored.

      Meanwhile, Elon Musk tweeted a meme featuring the face of far-right symbol Pepe the Frog for the second time in 11 days.

      Twitter is sued for gender discrimination in its firing practices
      In a recent court filing, Twitter is accused of gender discrimination in its recent layoffs by two women fired by the platform.

      63% of female engineers were laid off, compared to 48% of men in similar roles. The lawsuit alleges that the probability of this being based on chance is 1.103 out of 100 trillion.

      Elon Musk's bankers consider shifting Twitter debt onto the CEO to reduce company's burden
      Bloomberg reports that Elon Musk's bankers are considering shifting some of Twitter's debt, the interest of which is $1.2 billion a year, onto the Twitter CEO himself.

      This would reduce the debt burden on the company and increase its runway before bankruptcy, while making Musk personally responsible for the debt via Tesla stock he would put up as collateral.

      Meanwhile, some Tesla investors are selling their shares based on Musk's performance at the social media platform.

      "You've got a great car company," one shareholder told Bloomberg. "Just stop it."

      "Sad hotel" photos revealed
      The BBC released some photos of the "hotel rooms" at Twitter HQ. They show several sofas set up as beds. A washing machine has also been installed.

      Around 150 people from Elon Musk's other companies are still working at Twitter, along with two of his cousins
      Insider reports that roughly 150 people are still working at Twitter from Elon Musk's other companies and ventures, six weeks after he took over at the struggling platform.

      Two of his cousins have also apparently been hired as full-time employees, while more than five thousand staff have been laid off, fired, or have resigned over the past month and a half.

      In a Delaware court on November 16th, Elon Musk testified that some Tesla engineers were helping out at Twitter but only on a "voluntary basis" and "after hours."

      Ads for major brands are appearing next to white nationalist content
      The Washington Post reports that ads from dozens of major brands were appearing on Twitter account pages related to white nationalists and extremists who had recently been restored to the platform.

      Amazon, Snap, Uber, GoDaddy, USA Today, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services were among those whose promoted tweets appeared on the pages of the founder of a major Nazi website, and a prominent member of a white nationalist group.

      The newspaper talked to a former Twitter employee who said that there are manual settings that Twitter employees could deploy to prevent this, but following the mass firings and resignations across the company, it is unclear if moderation teams are in place to handle this situation.

      Last month, Musk announced that more than 65,000 banned accounts with at least 10,000 followers would be restored to the platform.

      Those "sad hotel rooms" at Twitter may be a building code violation
      A senior editor for KQED News tweeted that San Francisco building inspectors are launching an investigation into the temporary sleeping accommodation reportedly installed in Twitter's offices, a potential zoning violation.

      Elon Musk seemed to confirm these reports by tweeting at the Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, "So city of SF attacks companies providing beds for tired employees instead of making sure kids are safe from fentanyl. Where are your priorities @LondonBreed!?"

      Janitors join protests outside Twitter HQ
      Twitter canceled its cleaning contract without warning on Friday, leading to protests outside their HQ.

      NBC reports that janitors have joined ex-Twitter employees in a picket line outside Twitter's San Francisco offices.

      The California Labor Federation tweeted that they are picketing because 48 low-paid workers have been fired three weeks before Christmas, and Twitter's new contractor will not be rehiring the janitors "despite [an] obligation to rehire per county and state requirements."

      Elon declared war on Apple because he doesn't understand how advertising works
      According to The New York Times, Elon Musk's row with Apple – where he posted several tweets attacking the company, including asking if they hate free speech in America, and tweeting a meme about him going to war with the company, was entirely based on his not understanding how advertising works on his platform.

      Following the mass shooting at the LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Apple had paused its advertising, just as many other large brands did, to avoid appearing insensitive for tweeting promotions alongside graphic or mourning tweets.

      However, nobody remaining at Twitter was able to tell this to Musk, who instead went on the offensive before flying to California, where Apple CEO Tim Cook was able to explain to him some of the basics about advertising on social media.

      More details emerge about the mood inside Twitter soon after the acquisition
      An anonymous emailer to the popular Ask a Manager website shared a number of previously unknown details of the chaos inside the company following Elon Musk's acquisition of the platform.

      Among them is the revelation that Musk's lawyer Alex Spiro told teams "how Elon had launched rockets before, so we should trust his vision."
      "People started asking more questions, and then one employee started getting visibly upset and started having a panic attack — she was crying and was on the floor. Alex didn’t know how to handle the situation so pretty much ignored her and the conversation essentially ended at that point."
      According to the correspondent, those who decided to stay at the company "were mainly people who needed healthcare, were about to go on maternity/paternity leave/etc."

      Elon Musk gives rambling, incoherent explanation of why he bought Twitter
      When asked in a scheduled Twitter Space chat yesterday why he bought the platform, Elon Musk gave a rambling response, explaining that
      "I can't exactly say why because it's one of those things where, it's like: my biological neural nets said, 'It is important to buy Twitter' and just like with a digital neural net, you can't really exactly explain why the neural net is able to understand an image or text – the collective result of the neural net says this is an important decision, or this is the right action, and my biological neural net concluded that it was important to buy Twitter, and that if Twitter was not bought and steered in a good direction, it would be a danger for the future of civilization, and so that's why I bought it."

      Major DA office leaves Twitter due to "explosion of hate speech"
      The District Attorney's office from Santa Clara county in California announced that it is leaving Twitter because of "the explosion of hate speech" on the platform.

      Their public statement includes the following paragraphs:

      "Anyone who uses Twitter has noticed the proliferation of extremist posts in their daily feed. Many of these handles were previously banned by Twitter because they spread hatred and bigotry. Now they are back. That is not free speech. It is a cynical marketing strategy.

      "Mr. Musk is hiding behind the curtain of being a defender of balanced public dialogue. Yet he himself has used Twitter to spread hatred and bigotry. In a now-deleted Tweet, Mr. Musk used the antisemitic meme Pepe the Frog. If antisemitism is okay, then so is homophobia, misogyny, and racism. That may help Mr. Musk make money. But it can erode our democracy and destroy our country by dividing Americans against each other."

      The statement calls on other District Attorneys to also leave the platform.

      Twitter's credit rating has been withdrawn
      Credit rating agency S&P has withdrawn Twitter's rating due to "lack of sufficient information."

      Fortune reports that its rating had previously been downgraded from BB+ to B- in November, because of the high amount of leverage involved in the acquisition.

      The downgrading will make it harder for the banks that hold the company's multi-billion dollar debt load to share the risk with new investors.

      Elon Musk installs "sad hotel rooms" on several floors of the office
      According to Forbes, Elon Musk has converted some of the conference rooms in the Twitter San Francisco offices into "modest bedrooms featuring unmade mattresses, drab curtains and giant conference-room telepresence monitors." The website described them as "reminiscent of sad hotel rooms."

      Someone working at Twitter said that no announcement had been sent out about these spaces, but that there "were maybe four to eight per floor."

      Meanwhile, recruiters are apparently trying to hire for key roles at Twitter, saying "Twitter 2.0 will be a great place to take on challenging engineering problems at scale."

      Elon Musk claims conspiracy, releases no evidence of conspiracy
      In an attempt to increase activity on the struggling platform, Elon Musk provided Substack columnist Bari Weiss and independent journalist Matt Taibbi with internal Twitter documents from before the 2020 election.

      Musk claimed that the documents showed shocking violations of the First Amendment in relation to the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop. Taibbi released them on Friday in a long Twitter thread, dubbed "The Twitter Files."

      What it was:
      • A very long thread showing internal debate at Twitter about how to handle a tricky moderation question
      • An accidentally doxxing of the personal email addresses of Twitter's former CEO Jack Dorsey, and Representative Ro Khanna, as well as the names of junior Twitter employees, who are now receiving death threats
      • An implication without evidence that Twitter employees must be biased because some of them had donated to Democrats
      • Evidence that the tweets that were removed following a request from the Biden campaign contained nonconsensual pornography

      What it wasn't:
      • Anything related to the First Amendment, as Joe Biden was only a candidate at the time, and there is no implication that his campaign did anything other than request the removal of certain tweets
      • Any evidence of wrongdoing

      Despite this nonevent, described by The Verge as "a flop", the billionaire owner of Twitter isn't showing any signs of cutting back on sharing conspiracy theories on the platform.

      He tweeted over the weekend, "I've seen a lot of concerning tweets about the recent Brazil election" as well as calling the New York Times "an unregistered lobbying firm for far left politicians."

      As Musk brings many far-right conspiracy theorists back to the platform, this may be the start of several such "revelations."

      Twitter offers huge discounts to try and bring back advertisers
      Twitter has announced “unprecedented” incentives for ad buyers, significantly devaluing their platform to try and lure advertisers back to the company.

      Industry publication AdAge reports that "Agency execs said they’ve sent the offering to all of their clients, but they don’t expect it will get brands that have paused spend on Twitter to return."

      A senior media buyer told the Financial Times, "They sound like the guy playing the violin on the Titanic. I don’t think any client is willing to take the risk."

      In the fiscal year 2021, advertising sales represented nearly 89% of the company's income.

      Elon Musk bans Ye while bringing prominent Nazi back to Twitter
      Early this morning, Elon Musk finally banned Ye from the platform after the anti-semitic musician repeatedly tried to goad him into a ban by tweeting unflattering images of the Twitter CEO, then an image of a Star of David with a swastika inside, and then naming someone he says he "caught... with [ex wife] Kim [Kardashian]"

      Musk said that "his account is being suspended for incitement to violence".

      Meanwhile, among the many thousands of un-suspended accounts today was that of Andrew Anglin, the founder of the Nazi website The Daily Stormer and a man described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "a prolific internet troll and serial harasser."

      On November 9th, a judge issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Anglin for, according to the AP, "ignoring a $14 million judgment against him for orchestrating an anti-Semitic harassment campaign against a Montana woman’s family."

      Anglin was already today turning up in people's "Who to follow" recommendations from the platform.

      In related news, The New York Times reported today that hate speech on the platform has risen sharply in recent weeks as "antisemitic posts referring to Jews or Judaism soared more than 61 percent in the two weeks after Mr. Musk acquired the site."

      Legal action by former employees moves forward
      Lawyers representing some of those unceremoniously laid off by Twitter last month have now stepped up their moves against the company.

      Law firm partner Akiva M Cohen last night tweeted out his letter to Elon Musk and Twitter's acting general counsel demanding that the company pay out the full severance that employees had been promised, including the line "Deposing you will be a joy, and you should be aware that Washington law, among others that will apply, will allow us to obtain an award against you, personally, and not just Twitter the company."

      Meanwhile, Lisa Bloom of The Bloom Firm of attorneys announced that she will be holding a press conference on Monday alongside three former Twitter employees to "reveal next steps" of their legal action against the company.

      Elon Musk makes decisions based on Twitter polls, which are bot-ridden garbage
      Rolling Stone reports that the Twitter polls are "more prone to manipulation than almost anything else" on the platform, according to Twitter's former head of Trust and Safety, Yoel Roth.

      Elon Musk has apparently relied on the results from Twitter polls for decisions including the return of Donald Trump and several far-right and anti-trans agitators to the platform.

      Given that he attempted to get out of the purchase of Twitter because of what he claimed was a rampant bot problem, Musk now seems to have no qualms relying on the most bot-friendly part of Twitter to make his decisions.

      “I don’t think there’s anyone left to tell him [that the polls are basically bogus],” one former Twitter employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told Rolling Stone. “The number of people who understand polls that are left – it’s basically zero.”

      While bringing back far-right figures to Twitter, Elon Musk also bans left-wing activists
      As Elon Musk brings back tens of thousands of suspended accounts following his poll (Travis Brown is tracking many of them here), Twitter is also banning others, including several associated with left-wing activism.

      Today, Andrew Lawrence of Media Matters was banned for apparent spam violations before having his account restored without explanation.

      Dean Baker, founder of the left-wing Center for Economic Policy Research suffered the same fate.

      Two days ago, The Intercept reported that "several prominent antifascist organizers and journalists" had also had their accounts suspended after Elon Musk replied to far-right writer Andy Ngo asking him to tell him of any "Antifa" accounts that should be banned. Several of those now banned by Twitter were incorrectly accused by Ngo of being violent extremists.

      Elon Musk says that Twitter has interfered in elections
      Elon Musk today tweeted that "as long-time users know, that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections."

      It is unclear what Musk means by this statement. Journalist Mike Masnick, who runs the website Techdirt, described it as "How to get your $44 billion mid-life crisis toy named in lots of lawsuits."

      Twitter says that safety is their top priority despite firing most of their safety teams
      Twitter today released a blogpost promoting "Twitter 2.0."

      In it, the company said that "brand safety is only possible when human safety is the top priority" and that their trust and safety team "remains strong and well-resourced," despite all reports to the contrary. In other news, Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year is "gaslighting."

      The blogpost also stated that "automated detection plays an increasingly important role in eliminating abuse."

      Yoel Roth, until recently Twitter's Head of Trust and Safety, yesterday explained why this approach doesn't work.

      "You can't use ML [machine learning] for all of it, you can't automate it, there is no 'set it and forget it' when it comes to trust and safety. I think Twitter's challenge going forward is not can the platform build machine learning — sure, they can— but are there enough people who understand the emergent malicious campaigns that happen on the service and understand it well enough to guide product strategy and policy direction. I don't think there are enough people left at the company who can do that work to keep pace."

      EU Commissioner says Twitter has "huge work ahead" to avoid serious fines
      Reuters reports that Thierry Breton, the EU’s commissioner for digital policy, had a call with Elon Musk today and said in order for Twitter to be compliant with European law, "there is still huge work ahead, as Twitter will have to implement transparent user policies, significantly reinforce content moderation and protect freedom of speech, tackle disinformation with resolve, and limit targeted advertising."

      Two days ago, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, said in regard to compliance with EU data laws that they were "concerned and tracking [Twitter] very closely."

      When Breton and Musk met in May this year, Elon Musk described the European legal framework as "exactly aligned with my thinking."

      According to Breton, the EU will carry out a "stress test" on Twitter early next year.

      Twitter stops labeling or removing COVID misinformation
      Twitter added a note to its COVID Misinformation page, which previously stated that "Twitter is helping people find reliable information, connect with others, and follow what’s happening in real time."

      The new note reads "Effective November 23, 2022, Twitter is no longer enforcing the COVID-19 misleading information policy."

      The Verge reports that "the company suspended a total of 11,230 accounts and removed nearly 100,000 pieces of [COVID misinformation] since January 2020."

      At a conference where he was speaking today, former head of Trust and Safety at Yoel Roth described this move as "bad and damaging."

      Moby leaves Twitter
      The musician Moby has left Twitter.

      Today he posted to his 1.1 million followers, "This will be my last tweet. Last night @elonmusk posted an alt-right anti-Semitic meme, a fake @cnn story, and an image of guns on his bedside table. @Twitter has become a cesspool of racism, anti-semitism, disinformation, and dimwitted alt-right hate, and it’s time to leave."

      Twitter's official blog includes byline advertising Mastodon
      The official Twitter blog automatically attributes articles to people's display names on Twitter, meaning that a blogpost by former Director of Software Engineering Rumman Chowdhury is now attributed to "Rumman is now on Mastodon"

      (Spotted by Andrew CoutsTed Han)

      Jim Carrey leaves Twitter
      Actor Jim Carrey announces that he's leaving the platform. He has nearly 19 million Twitter followers.

      Twitter Blue is delayed again, will not be available in the iPhone app
      Platformer reports that Twitter Blue will not be available as an in-app purchase on Apple devices, to avoid Apple's 30% fees. Its launch has also been delayed again.

      They also say that Twitter's ad revenue has fallen 49 percent or more week over week in key markets. This doesn't include its biggest market, the United States, for which numbers were not available.

      Elon Musk continues to threaten employees, suggesting more firings to come
      Elon Musk has continued to send out late-night emails threatening his workforce.

      According to Zoë Schiffer of Platformer, he wrore that managers are expected to "identify low performers on a regular basis." Those employees will be given four weeks to improve or be fired.

      In his email, Musk said that "Deleting a line of code is more valuable than adding one," which may come as a surprise to everyone he told to print out the code they had recently written on his first day in charge of the platform.

      Musk's email also said, "As a reminder, all managers are expected to write a meaningful amount of software themselves." Gergely Orosz reports that each Engineering Manager at Twitter now has a minimum of 20 direct reports.

      Later in the day, Musk emailed all staff to say that "Anyone writing software or doing design should be on the 10th floor" of their headquarters in San Francisco. (Casey Newton reports that there are now six designers remaining at Twitter, out of a previous team of 220.)

      Using a description that could perhaps also be applied to himself, Musk added that "it is intended to be dense and intense."

      Twitter's child abuse team in Asia Pacific is down to one employee
      Wired reports that Twitter has lost key members of its global teams who enforce the ban on child sex abuse material (CSAM). Just one staff member apparently remains on the CSAM team that covers the entire Asia Pacific region.

      On November 24th, Elon Musk tweeted that "removing child exploitation is priority #1."

      Somewhat less reassuringly, he then asked everyone on Twitter to "reply in comments if you see anything that Twitter needs to address."

      At least 62,000 banned accounts with more than 10K followers are being restored
      Following a recent Elon Musk Twitter poll, Twitter has started restoring thousands of accounts that were previously banned by the company's own moderation teams.

      Platformer reports that the number restored will include "62,000 accounts with more than 10,000 followers, including one account that has over 5 million followers and 75 accounts with over 1 million followers."

      Aside from the social damage that is likely to occur from bringing back people banned for abuse, misinformation, and violent conduct, Platformer says that there is also a heavy engineering cost to this work:

      "Each reinstatement requires Twitter to rebuild a social graph, activating data on who the account follows and who follows the account. For large accounts like Trump’s, with 88 million followers, that’s millions of lists that Twitter has to update and maintain."

      Elon Musk attacks Apple for "censorship" because it reduced its ad spend
      Elon Musk chose today to take an aggressive stance against Apple, posting or retweeting more than 20 tweets attacking the company, and saying that he was “going to war.” Some of his replies and retweets, as has been typical in recent weeks, were from accounts associated with far-right views.

      Musk himself described App Store-mandated revisions for customer safety as “censorship”, and in response to reports that they had chosen to exercise their free speech rights by reducing their spending on Twitter ads, asked “Do they hate free speech in America?”

      He has repeatedly attacked Apple in the past over its App Store and fees.

      Advertisements for Apple's seasonal sale were being promoted today on the platform, but if the company has heavily reduced its Twitter budget, that would be bad news for Elon Musk.

      The Washington Post reports that “In the first quarter of 2022, Apple was the top advertiser on Twitter, spending $48 million on ads on the social network, according to a document reviewed by The Washington Post that was compiled from internal Twitter data. Apple’s spending accounted for more than 4 percent of Twitter’s revenue that quarter.”

      Twitter is attacked by Chinese government-connected accounts, fails badly
      Over the weekend, Twitter suffered what looked like a Chinese government-based attack to prevent the spread of news about nationwide protests across the country.

      The Washington Post states that "For hours, anyone searching for posts from [Chinese cities with protests] and using the Chinese names for the locations would see pages and pages of useless tweets instead of information about the daring protests as they escalated to include calls for Communist Party leaders to resign."

      Among the recent layoffs, the newspaper reports, "some groups, including those dealing with human rights issues, safety concerns and deceptive foreign influence operations, have been reduced to a handful of people or no staff at all."

      Alex Stamos of the Stanford Internet Observatory described it as "the first major failure to stop gov[ernment] interference in the Musk era."

      Payment problems hit European Twitter employees
      According to Ars Technica, some staff in Europe did not receive their salaries on time.

      "While staff in the UK and Germany have not been paid, those in the Netherlands and Ireland have been—suggesting that the problem is one of staffing and operations, rather than a systematic refusal to pay workers," they wrote.

      European regulatory trouble could be on the way
      The Financial Times reports that Twitter has closed its Brussels office, with everyone who ran Twitter's European digital policy no longer being employed by the platform.

      "The Brussels exits are symptomatic of a global trend from India to France where local Twitter executives who had key positions to deal with government officials abruptly left the organisation in recent weeks in the widespread cuts.

      "This has led to growing concern over whether the company has the personnel to ensure compliance with local laws designed to police online content, potentially opening the company up to lawsuits and regulatory action."

      A few days earlier, the EU Commissioner for Justice met with Twitter executives in Dublin to discuss his concerns about the platform's ability to comply with the new European Digital Services Act, which focuses on the removal of illegal content.

      He told the Irish Times, “we want to be sure that... it’s still possible... to be fully compliant with the regulations. If it’s not, of course, you know, that we have some possible means to act. Now there are in the DSA very huge possible fines.”

      Elon Musk claims record sign ups while bots dominate trending topics
      On Saturday, Elon Musk shared images of slides from a recent company talk, including graphs that claim that signups and active minutes are at an all-time high.

      These numbers are hard to verify, but anecdotally there seems to be a steep rise in bot-based trending topics since the Twitter Curation team was fired. For example, "要要搞定個要" – a Chinese phrase that means "Get it done" – was listed today as "Trending in the United States" with 650K tweets, the vast majority of which seem to be posted by spam bots.

      Also included in his slide deck were screenshots of his vision for Twitter 2.0, which included both images dated with the year 2019. and Lorum Ipsum text.

      Among the titles in his deck were "Advertising as Entertainment" and "Longform Tweets." Next to the slide title "Payments" is simply a blank space.

      Twitter executive secures injunction to stop Twitter firing her
      The Irish Times reports that Sinead McSweeney, a senior Twitter executive based in Dublin, has secured a temporary injunction preventing Twitter from firing her.

      She did not click "Yes" on the form to sign up for "extremely hardcore" Twitter 2.0 because, the newspaper says, "the exit package did not meet her contractual entitlements, and for those who wished to remain with Twitter, the terms and conditions in relation to what Mr Musk expected of them was not set out in the document."

      She was then locked out of her email and told that the company had accepted her resignation.

      McSweeney told the court that she has been working 75-hour weeks since the recent layoffs.

      Elon Musk fires dozens of engineers on Thanksgiving Eve
      On the evening before Thanksgiving, Twitter CEO Elon Musk cut contractor holiday pay and then fired around 50 engineers and put dozens of others on final notice, according to Zoé Schiffer of Platformer.

      The emails sent to the engineers were apparently unsigned and stated that "as a result of the recent code review exercise, it has been determined that your code is not satisfactory, and we regret to inform you that your employment with Twitter is terminated effective immediately."

      Schiffer later reported that among those fired was "Ying Xiao, a senior staff ML research scientist. One colleague described him as 'the best ML modeler' around."

      Casey Newton, also of Platformer, tweeted that another of those fired was "Ikuhiro Ihara, a highly respected senior software engineer who helped lead the push to expand tweets to 280 characters."

      Now-former Twitter infrastructure engineer Yiwei Zhuang posted on LinkedIn that those laid off included people currently on parental leave, and that he now has 60 days to start another job because of his visa – a task further complicated by the holiday period.

      Alex Heath of The Verge tweeted that the fired engineers were offered four weeks of pay, two months less than those who did not click the "Yes" option to join "extremely hardcore" Twitter 2.0 last week.

      Three days ago, Musk is reported to have told Twitter staff that he was done with layoffs.

      Elon Musk suggests removing Twitter bans from all hateful accounts
      Following his Donald Trump poll last week, the result of which he accepted as the "voice of the people" while also admitting that it was skewed by bot voting, Elon Musk today ran a new poll asking if Twitter should provide "a general amnesty to suspended accounts, provided that they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam."

      With 14 hours to go, the vote is currently 72% in favor of his amnesty.

      According to the Twitter Help Center, reasons that accounts may be suspended, despite their content being legal, include
      • behavior that harasses or intimidates or is intended to shame or degrade others
      • calling for serious harm on a person or group of people
      • unwanted sexual advances
      • encouraging others to harass or target specific individuals or groups with abusive behavior
      • denying mass casualty events took place
      • inciting fear or spread fearful stereotypes about a protected category
      • repeated and/or non-consensual slurs, epithets, racist and sexist tropes
      • hateful imagery
      As a result of Musk's moves to restore accounts suspended for hateful behavior, some users have taken to calling Twitter '$8chan'.

      Elon Musk mocks shirts created by Black Twitter employees
      Twitter CEO Elon Musk last night found a closet containing shirts with the slogan "#staywoke", and reacted to them with his often-used ROFL emoji.

      Venture capitalist David Sacks, who Musk brought in to help manage Twitter and who previously wrote a book called The Diversity Myth that belittled date rape victims and criticized moves to encourage diversity on college campuses, tweeted that "The conquest of Wokerosi is complete. Melt them down and turn them into an Iron Throne."

      New York Times journalist Ryan Mac responded to explain that the t-shirts (which were also put on sale) were created in 2016 by the internal Black Twitter group Blackbirds as "a call for awareness to the disproprtionate police violence against Black people, and support for Black employees and Black Twitter."

      According to Reuters, Musk's company Tesla is currently facing several lawsuits related to racial discrimination in the workplace.

      Despite evidence, Elon Musk blames activists for his woes
      On October 28th, Elon Musk announced that no major moderation decisions or account reinstatements would occur before a Content Moderation Council was convened.

      Five days later, on November 2nd, Musk met with representatives from groups including the NAACP, Color of Change, Free Press, and the Anti-Defamation League to discuss how he planned to combat hate on the platform.

      Yesterday evening, Musk said that he had reinstated Donald Trump and others without keeping his word about the Content Moderation Council, because he only agreed to the Council at the suggestion of the groups in the meeting, and they had broken the deal, which had directly led to Twitter being starved of advertising revenue.

      CNBC today reports that at least four of the groups represented at the meeting deny that any such deal had been made. According to Rashad Robinson of Color of Change, who was at the meeting, the Council was "something he introduced before we even met him," a fact that Musk's own tweets seem to confirm. "We simply asked for more info & that it include folks from impacted communities."

      Others in attendance said that they had expressed concerns about the Council, with the NAACP's President Derrick Johnson telling Politico that he was skeptical of the idea.

      Business Insider reports that half of Twitter's top 100 advertisers no longer run ads on the platform. In the midst of mass resignation, legislative threats, internal chaos, major bugs, increased harassment, and brand impersonation, there is no evidence that the work of activist groups is a major reason why media buyers are currently staying away from the platform.

      Meanwhile, Elon Musk continues to direct account reinstatements and make major moderation decisions on the platform.

      Twitter backtracks on treatment of fired Twitter Africa staff following news reports
      According to CNN reporter Larry Madowo, fired Twitter employees in Ghana were offered no severance and refused the right to negotiate terms until their plight was covered by the news network.

      Twitter's Trust and Safety capacities have been massively reduced, leading to internal protests and major vulnerabilities
      According to a Washington Post article, on November 10th the entire Trust and Safety team at Twitter conducted a "sickout" – a form of protest in which every member of the team calls in sick at the same time, apparently over Elon Musk's capricious and misguided approach to platform safety.

      The piece also states that Musk was given a seven-page memo outlining the likely abuses that would occur if he went ahead with his plans for Twitter Blue. He launched the service anyway, many of these abuses came to pass, and then Musk abruptly halted the rollout 48 hours later.

      The article continues, "[v]irtually, the entire team dedicated to rooting out covert foreign influence operations was fired or quit, putting in jeopardy the company’s abilities to detect accounts including those attempting to influence U.S. politics."

      Internal documents apparently show that Musk plans to rely mostly on automated moderation, which goes against prevailing industry best practices for platform safety.

      A bad time to be a Twitter vendor
      The New York Times reports that Elon Musk is refusing to pay several of Twitter's bills, including overdue rent and executive travel costs incurred before he took over the company.

      "Mr. Musk’s staff said the services were authorized by the company’s former management and not by him. His staff have since avoided the calls of the travel vendors, the people said."

      The article also states that Twitter has stopped paying some of its office rents and is attempting to renegotiate existing contracts with major companies including Amazon, Oracle, and the NFL, threatening that no Elon Musk company will ever deal with them again if they don't agree to drop their prices.

      Twitter's finances are apparently being managed by a group of outsiders that Musk invited into Twitter, including the head of his tunneling project The Boring Company, the head of his family office, and a former director of Tesla.

      Key Twitter advertisers have paused their spending
      The Washington Post reports that "more than a third of Twitter’s top 100 marketers have not advertised on the social media network in the past two weeks," including 14 of the top 50 advertisers on the platform.

      Failed crypto exchange FTX might own $100m of Twitter stock
      According to Semafor, Elon Musk personally invited accused crypto fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried to roll his $100 million stake in pre-Elon Twitter into the Elon Musk-owned entity. Bankman-Fried agreed, and the stock was included on an FTX balance sheet on October 28th.

      The article also quotes Elon Musk as saying recently that his “bullshit meter was redlining” when he met Bankman-Fried, which clearly didn't prevent the two of them going into business together.

      Perhaps Bankman-Fried can help advise Elon Musk on his stated goal that Twitter "will make it easy to do crypto", which sounds reminiscent of Facebook's disastrous attempt at cryptocurrency and could bring about a highly anticipated TIGG/W3IGG crossover episode.

      Update: On November 23rd, Elon Musk denied that this was true.

      Employee perks have been slashed
      The Verge reports that "Company allowances for employee wellness, productivity, home internet, training and development, [kids' remote learning platform] Outschool, daycare, and quarterly team activities have all been discontinued."

      Just in time for the hiring push that was announced yesterday.

      Elon Musk delays Twitter Blue's re-re-launch again
      Six days after announcing that his third attempt at Twitter Blue would be "punted" to November 29th, Elon Musk tweets that he is "[h]olding off relaunch of Blue Verified until there is high confidence of stopping impersonation."

      He does not explain how he will achieve this.

      Elon Musk doesn't understand how Twitter's ads work
      According to Platformer, "During one Sunday meeting, Musk explained the concept of native advertising to the team, according to one person who was there, despite the fact that the employees were already well aware of the format.

      "He said that the company’s ads should 'look like tweets,' one employee said, despite the fact that the company’s ads already are tweets."

      FTC subtweets Elon Musk
      In a tweet clearly aimed at current and former Twitter employees, the Federal Trade Commission tweeted that "Anyone can submit information about potential violations of FTC orders or other business misconduct... We welcome reports from customers, former employees, and informants."

      More suspended accounts have been restored as anti-vaxxers are verified
      Several controversial accounts were restored today including those of anti-trans activists and Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal Twitter account, which was suspended for violating rules against COVID misinformation, such as tweeting a graph that falsely claimed that the COVID vaccine had caused widespread deaths. Rolling Stone has a detailed account of her most dangerous and disgusting tweets.

      Elon Musk also said that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones's account will never be restored because of personal reasons.

      Casey Newton and Zoë Schiffer wrote on Platformer that "this sort of ad hoc approach to content moderation and community standards is completely unsustainable. It does not scale beyond a handful of the most prominent accounts on the service. And, most worryingly, it is not based on any clear principles: Musk is leading trust and safety at Twitter the same way he is leading product and hiring — by whim."

      Meanwhile, Melody Schreiber reports in The Guardian that several anti-vaccine information sites now appear to be verified, thanks to Twitter Blue.

      Head of Apple's App Store quits Twitter
      Phil Schiller, the person responsible for Apple's app store, has quit Twitter.

      Three days ago, Yoel Roth, Twitter's former head of Trust and Safety, wrote in the New York Times that Twitter's expulsion from Google and Apple's App Stores "would be catastrophic."

      Twitter is apparently both hiring and firing today
      According to The Verge, three weeks after Elon Musk laid off nearly two thirds of Twitter's staff, he said in an internal Q&A that Twitter is hiring again for roles in engineering and sales.

      This was on the same day that Bloomberg reported that he had laid off more people from the sales team.

      Any engineers who would like to join the company can look forward to emailing weekly code samples to Elon Musk.

      A list of reasons why brands are fleeing Twitter
      A user on anonymous communication platform Blind, which verifies people's professional affiliations, gave some insight into what's happening at Twitter from the perspective of someone who claims to control a large marketing budget.

      The person describes themselves as "a director at a medium sized b2b tech company" that usually spends $8-10m a year on Twitter ads.

      “I think the things we saw in these last 2 weeks means many more advertisers will bail on the platform in the coming weeks (for non-ideological or virtue signaling reasons)”, the user wrote, before explaining their reasons as a combination of performance issues, brand safety issues, the sudden disappearance of their account team at Twitter, and major bugs with the Twitter ad campaigns system.

      Twitter links seem to be breaking for some users
      Liz Hoffman, a journalist at Semafor, tweeted that “Twitter links are sending users to [a] bankruptcy court website.”

      She also shared a tweet containing a video that seemed to confirm this weird bug. A small number of users also complained about links on Twitter sending them to the wrong sites.

      European Twitter impacted by large-scale layoffs, resignations
      The head of Twitter France announced that "It's over!" on Sunday, along with the requisite salute emoji.

      Meanwhile, in Germany, where 30 people were fired, several former Twitter employees have announced that they are working with the German union ver.di to sue Twitter for unfair dismissal.

      One of the German former Twitter staff members said, in reference to the company's international teams based outside of the United States, "There's hardly anyone left."

      Twitter's copyright detection system seems to be down

      As a way of demonstrating how broken the company's moderation flows have become, Twitter users have been tweeting out entire movies in a thread, broken up into segments that are two minutes and ten seconds long (the maximum length of a video on Twitter.)

      Copies of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and Hackers are among those being illegally distributed on the platform.

      This is happening just as the soccer World Cup begins. During previous World Cups, organizers FIFA have been extremely aggressive over alleged copyright infringement on social media.

      Elon Musk restores Donald Trump's Twitter account
      Elon Musk ran a Twitter poll asking if Donald Trump's Twitter account should be restored. (Trump's account was permanently suspended after Twitter judged that he used it to encourage violent insurrection against democratic rule on January 6th 2021.)

      While the poll was happening, Musk tweeted that it was under heavy attack from bots, which provided "interesting lessons to clean up future polls."

      When the poll ended, with 51.8% of votes in favor of Trump's return, Musk declared that "The people have spoken. Vox populi, Vox dei", a Latin phrase which translates as "the voice of the people is the voice of God.", and restored Trump's account.

      (The complete Vox populi quote goes on to say "And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.")

      Trump's reinstatement contradicted Musk's October 28 statement that "No major content decisions or account reinstatements will happen before [the content moderation] council convenes." The council has not yet been convened, or named.

      Donald Trump says he doesn't see any reason to return to Twitter, as he is focused on his little-used platform Truth Social. According to the Washington Post, the accused sexual assault perpetrator lied in public 30,573 times during the four years of his presidency.

      One week after persuading her to stay, Elon Musk fires the global head of ad sales
      On November 9th, Elon Musk held a Twitter Space audio meeting with advertisers, designed to reassure them that the company was a stable and safe place for brands to advertise.

      The following day, the two other people on the call – Yoel Roth, head of Trust and Safety, and Robin Wheeler, head of Global Ad Sales – resigned.

      According to Bloomberg, Musk persuaded Wheeler to reverse her decision.

      Casey Newton of Platformer reported on Friday that, seven days after he persuaded her to stay, Musk fired Robin Wheeler, a fact that she seemed to confirm with the now-familiar salute emoji.

      On Saturday, Bloomberg reported that Musk is considering firing several more employees in the ad sales and partnerships teams on Monday.

      CBS News apparently halts posting on Twitter
      The CBS National News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti said on air that "In light of the uncertainty around Twitter and out of an abundance of caution, CBS News is pausing its activity on the social media site as it continues to monitor the platform.”

      Bay Area affiliate KPIX later tweeted a near-identical statement.

      Update: On November 20th, they announced a restoration of their Twitter activity.

      Elon Musk announces "Freedom Fridays", starts by restoring two accounts banned for anti-trans statements
      Elon Musk announced the restoration of Jordan Peterson's account (banned for deadnaming trans actor Elliot Page and calling their surgeon a criminal), Babylon Bee (banned for a 'satirical' article where they named US Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, a trans woman, their Man of the Year), and Kathie (sic) Griffin's account (banned for jokingly impersonating Elon Musk.)

      He added that the "Trump decision" had not yet been made.

      He previewed these decisions by announcing "Freedom Fridays" in a previous tweet.

      Elon Musk orders remaining developers to the office immediately
      Fortune magazine reports that "Elon Musk sent an email this morning around 9 AM asking “anyone who actually writes software” to meet him at Twitter at 2PM today." Only those with family emergencies or who cannot be physically present were excused. He ordered anyone who could, to fly to San Francisco, before reversing that and saying that flying in "would be appreciated, but is not essential.”

      Musk also ordered all remaining developers to "email me a bullet point summary of what your code commits have achieved in the last ~6 months, along with up to 10 screenshots of the most salient lines of code.” He apparently has said that he will personally conduct technical reviews with all engineers.

      As Fortune points out, "it is unclear exactly how many employees remain at Twitter."

      Just setting up their quitters
      The 5pm deadline passed. And then it all began.

      Some employees hung up on Elon Musk while he was trying to persuade people to stay (New York Times)

      The entirety of the payroll department and the US tax department resigned today (Kali Hays, a journalist at Insider)

      Cardi B’s account posted hardcore pornography (she says she was hacked) (Cardi B)

      "Musk spent Thursday in meetings across different divisions of Twitter, making personal appeals to the many employees attempting to resign." (Mike Isaac, a journalist at the New York Times)

      Elon Musk tweeted that "The best people are staying so I'm not super worried." (Elon Musk)

      Roughly 75% of the remaining 3700ish employees opted not to stay at Twitter (Kylie Robison, a journalist at Fortune) has a webcam with, yes, a lettuce, asking if Twitter will outlast it (

      Zoë Schiffer reports that "Twitter just alerted employees that effective immediately, all office buildings are temporarily closed and badge access is suspended." The reason, she says, is because "Elon Musk and his team are terrified employees are going to sabotage the company." That paranoia matches what we heard earlier. She later added that the reason could also be because they don't even know who has quit: "So far no Twitter employees have been deactivated — even those who’ve publicly resigned. Musk and his team only collected the list of “yes’s” — employees who said they want to be part of Twitter 2.0. They’re still trying to track who is out." (Zoë Schiffer, a journalist at Platformer)

      "Remaining and departing Twitter employees told The Verge that, given the scale of the resignations this week, they expect the platform to start breaking soon... Multiple “critical” teams inside Twitter have now either completely or near-completely resigned, said other employees who requested anonymity to speak without Musk’s permission. That includes Twitter’s traffic and front end teams that route engineering requests to the correct backend services. The team that maintains Twitter’s core system libraries that every engineer at the company uses is also gone. “You cannot run Twitter without this team,” a departing employee said." (The Verge)

      Elon Musk inevitably decided to post through it, posting a meme about someone giving gang signs in front of a tombstone with Twitter's logo on both the person and the tombstone, and a pirate flag. A Community Note explained that "The pirate flag appears to be some kind of feeble attempt at edginess; however upon further investigation, it seems to represent a pirate ship that has been abandoned by its crew after the captain demanded they become "hardcore" or leave with 3 months worth of treasure" (Elon Musk/Community Notes)

      Meanwhile, the soccer World Cup, a major global event that causes surges in Twitter usage, starts on Sunday.

      Let that sink in.

      Fewer engineers than expected want to work for "extremely hardcore Twitter 2.0"
      Gergely Orosz, a highly regared author and senior engineer with a track record of accurate scoops about Twitter, says that "far fewer than expected devs hit 'yes'" on the ultimatum for all remaining employees at Twitter.

      As a result, the ban on remote working is being relaxed and Elon Musk is meeting with individual engineers to persuade them to stay.

      Orosz states that "Unless something changes, Twitter's engineering workforce could be down by 90%, in just 3 weeks." He expects that Elon Musk will have to "throw money at this" in the form of retention bonuses and short-term contracts.

      Seven senators send letter to the FTC Chair asking for an investigation
      A group of seven Democratic Senators – including Edward Markey, the senator recently mocked by Elon Musk – wrote a letter to Lina Khan, Chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission, stating that they are "concerned that the actions taken by Mr Musk and others in Twitter management could already represent a violation of the FTC’s consent decree" and call on the Commission to "bring enforcement actions against any breaches or business practices that are unfair or deceptive, including bringing civil penalties and imposing liability on individual Twitter executives where appropriate."

      Innocuous video accounts get locked for sharing "intimate video"
      At least two accounts reported being locked by Twitter today for posting non-consensual intimate content, the racy videos in question being the sun setting over the DC skyline and a video of a NASA aircraft landing.

      Apparently, Twitter 2FA has a major security flaw

      According to reporting by security site infoRisk Today, Twitter's two-factor authentication (2FA) can be disabled by spoofing the phone number an account uses and sending the word “STOP” via SMS. This makes the account extremely vulnerable to hackers. Perfect timing.

      As soon as he's done breaking it, Elon will hand Twitter to someone else
      As part of a trial where he is defending a claim that $56 billion was too much to pay himself as CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk says that he will "reduce my time at Twitter and find somebody else to run Twitter over time.”

      Extremely hardcore applicants have already started tweeting at him, though none are more thirsty than former T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

      A large percentage of Twitter Blue subscribers are porn, crypto, and/or from the Middle East; Twitter Blue currently loses at least $36 per user

      The Washington Post has had a look at internal Twitter documents, and the results of Elon's feature rollouts have been pretty disastrous.

      "Twitter would need to charge $44 a month to recoup the advertising value generated by the top segment of U.S. power users if it relied only on subscriptions. The more active the user, the higher the subscription price would need to be," wrote Faiz Siddiqui and Jeremy B. Merrill.

      They also report that "a large portion of the most-followed accounts that got “verified” via Twitter Blue" – a total of 150,000 users – "are from a few specific subcommunities on Twitter: pornography, cryptocurrency advocates, and overseas accounts, particularly from the Middle East."

      Elon demands its workers commit to "extremely hardcore" company culture
      In an email apparently sent out in the middle of the night, Elon Musk says that "we will need to be extremely hardcore. This will mean working long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade."

      Anyone who does not click "Yes" in a Google Form "by 5pm ET tomorrow (Thursday) will receive three months of severance."

      Elon is reportedly paranoid about sabotage

      Platformer reports that "Musk has become obsessed with the idea that his employees might sabotage the site, leading to near-total freeze on writing and shipping code and firings of anyone suspected of being disloyal."

      Elon announces delay on his third attempt at verified accounts
      Elon says that the launch of Blue Verified is being "punted" until November 29th "to make sure that it is rock solid".

      Elon directs employees to find non-believers
      According to the New York Times, self-proclaimed free speech king Elon Musk "has been directing subordinates to comb through Twitter's Slack and make lists of people making fun of him or his plans for firing. They've also been monitoring employees' tweets."

      After firing thousands of people, Elon makes a joke about it
      The two pranksters who told journalists that they had been fired from Twitter and their names were "Ligma" and "Johnson" were invited back to Twitter for a photo with Elon, a man who has fired several thousand people in the past two weeks. Elon tweeted it out saying "important to admit when I’m wrong & firing them was truly one of my biggest mistakes."

      Elon makes an ableist joke about someone he fired
      Twitter engineer Sasha Solomon was fired for her negative tweets about Elon Musk. He replied to vile troll account Libs of TikTok's screengrabs of her tweets by saying "A tragic case of adult onset Tourette’s."

      Elon fires engineers for making sassy comments
      Prominent startup figure and author Gergely Orosz claims that "another ~10 Twitter employees who made sassy or critical remarks about Twitter's current leadership on a Twitter internal Slack channel have been terminated overnight. Several were respected sw [software] engineers."

      Journalist Casey Newton seemed to confirm these reports. Someone on Mastodon using the name Roberto Frenna, identified as a UK-based software engineer for Twitter, posts that he is among the people fired.

      GroupM tells advertisers that Twitter is a "High Risk" media buy

      According to Digiday, GroupM, the world’s largest media buying agency, is telling clients that Twitter is now a “high risk” media buy following a barrage of controversies, U-turns, and confusion that capped off Elon Musk’s second week as the owner of the social network.

      Twitter might lose its immunity from data protection authorities across Europe

      Techcrunch reports that Twitter is no longer fulfilling the key obligations allowing it to report only to Ireland's (apparently relaxed) GDPR regulator, opening it up to GDPR violation claims from any data protection authority across Europe.

      As part of their original arrangement within the EU, all new Twitter features had to go through the oversight of an Ireland-based team. Musk's determination to launch new features quickly, combined with the firing and resignations of key members of the data and privacy team, puts this arrangement at risk. GDPR fines can be up to 4% of annual global turnover.

      Ask A Manager weighs in on the plight of Twitter's remaining workforce

      Alison Green of Ask A Manager answered the question I work at Twitter … what do I do?, suggesting that "there’s no ethical imperative to quit on the spot and no shame in staying if you need to".

      She concluded with a rare bit of pessimism for the column: "Good luck, and I’m sorry something you helped build is being needlessly destroyed."