What is this?

Twitter is Going Great is a project inspired by Web3 is Going Just Great to track the latest examples of how Twitter is actively falling to pieces thanks to its current owner Elon Musk (with special guests Jack Dorsey and the Saudi Arabian royal family).

The timeline is incomplete but captures a lot of the chaos. It more or less begins with Elon's first appearance at Twitter HQ after the purchase was finalized, sink in hand(s).

Who is behind this?

A collection of people who care about Twitter perhaps a little too much. Want to help? Become a paid subscriber to Today in Tabs and join the Discord.

Why are you doing this?

Because we care about Twitter, and the communities we've found or forged on the site, we want to highlight the damage being done to the reputation, quality, and experience on the site. We also care about the treatment of the Tweeps who built Twitter and who tried to make it a safer place.

Is this a comprehensive timeline?


What makes you better than Twitter?

We're doing this of our own free will. We don't track you – hell, we don't even know how many page views we get – and at least one of us knows some things about security and privacy.